Awesome Aussies amazing adventure…

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Awesome Aussies’ amazing adventure…

Palau islands views from the airIt’s March 11th and the Aussies arrived, care of Allways Dive Expeditions, for a 7-day trip in the afternoon and prepared for the dive cruise ahead. After a bit of a ‘sleep-in’, we got the equipment set and day started with a visit to the Teshio Maru, sunk by planes from the carrier USS Lexington, and Jake’s Seaplan. During lunch, our wonderful crew of the S/Y Palau Siren weighed anchor and we were bound for Ulong Island for the next drop into the water at Sandy Paradise. We finished up with a night dive at Sand Bar, where a parrotfish was seen already sleeping, before we got back onboard for some cold beers and good food.

manta2 germanchannelThe sun was shining bright for our second day of the trip with Shark City up first on our list of dives for the day. The water was crystal clear and the reef was teeming with life! Grey reef sharks and turtles were cruising around, and we even found a 3 meter nurse shark sleeping under a rock. Toward the end of the dive, Warrick and I set out into the blue and ran into a massive school of bonito, a couple of huge dogtooth tuna and one rather large bull shark! That night we all celebrated Damien’s birthday with lots of the ‘amber nectar’, one or possibly two shots and some disturbing, but hilarious pole dancing!

Day three of the trip we moved the Palau Siren to Two Dogs Beach and headed out to New Drop Off. The dive site gave us fantastic viz, loads of fish with plenty of sharks and ‘chilled out’ green turtles. Later in the day we checked out German Channel. We made our way towards the cleaning station, though saw nothing of any real note – until we looked up and had four mantas in a train right above our heads! We finished our ‘dive day’ with a critter-filled night dive at Big Drop Off, finding the ever interesting pleurobranch.


The sunrise was fantastic the following morning as we returned to the German Channel, where we sat and watched as mantas cruised around the cleaning station. The sun was sending some great lightbeams through the hole at Turtle Cove, and Vernie found a ‘sweet’ dive knife. Blue Corner was empty of other divers, which gave us the best opportunity to check out the action completely uninterrupted. The large schools of baracuda, jacks and snapper engulfed us in the cut, at the tip of the corner.

We also made our way to Peleliu to drop off nine guests keen to visit some ‘history’ from WWII. The land tour visits the airfield and the museum, which houses many of the battlefield artifacts, including tanks. The remainder of our divers did Peleliu Cut to check out the red snapper aggregation. Unfortunately, the current was running in the opposition direction, so the snapper numbers were quite small, but there was no shortage of grey reef and whitetip sharks. Towards the lip of the corner we ran into a school of giant trevally, which must of numbered over a 1000 fish! We also found some really freaky, but beautiful, creatures floating around in the darkness of our night dive, some 30 meters out from the wall in only a depth of 5-10m.

Blue-holesAs always, sadly, the final day inevitably arrives, though Blue Holes was absolutely stunning. We had 40 meters viz allowing the Sun’s rays seemingly to dance all around us. Jellyfish Lake was next on the agenda, where the guests swam amongst the millions of stingless jellyfish – a truly unique experience! We concluded our day with an awesome BBQ and another birthday party, this time for Gary.

It was a great way to mark the end of the week’s fun-packed adventure and we look forward to seeing them all back aboard the S/Y Palau Siren

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