Surprises in Palau

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A Few Surprises in Palau…

snapper_palauIts day one of another 10 day trip and our divers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain are ready to get in the water. We made it a wreck day and started bright and early, heading out to the Teshio Maru and Jake sea plane for an easy check out dive. Iro maru was dive two followed by a night dive in to the past with a dive on the Helmut wreck. The next morning we woke up to early pulled anchor on the Palau Siren and headed to Ulong Island for dive one in Ulong Channel. We had a nice and easy drift over the coral garden accompanied by grey reef sharks and schooling fish, a perfect way to start the day. Siaes Tunnel & Corner were next on our agenda for the day followed by a critter filled night dive on the Sand Bar.

 MG 7641

Sandy Paradise gave us another great first dive filled with life; the grey reef sharks were cruising through the schools of barracuda like wolves herding sheep. Shark City was up next followed by the famous Blue Corner, swimming through the massive schools of Big eye jacks and watching them clean themselves on the grey reefs rough skin. We found all kinds of great stuff on the night dive at Big Drop Off including free swimming flat worms, crazy looking jellyfish and even a shark or two.

flying gurnardOver the next two days we had some great diving on Big and New Drop Off brining us loads of sharks. We tried out German Channel twice in a row hoping to see mantas but were only visited by two mantas on the first dive so we headed over to Dexter’s Wall for a dive filled with turtles and a beautiful soft corals. With an even more beautiful soft coral wall, Turtle Cove was up next bringing us down through a chimney on top of the reef and leading us to the see fan and multi colored soft coral. We finished up the day with fantastic night dive. Turtle Cove is totally different at night as out in the black water the creatures are amazing. Pelagic moray eels, juvenile flying gurnard, and some move funky animals had strobes going off in all directions.

PICT0676We moved the Palau Siren around for a blue day. The sharks and Napoleons were all around us as usual, making for some great pictures. Over the sandy patch behind the hook in we had a big school of blue trevally circling in the current coming over the edge of the reef. Vernie took his boat to Dexters Wall next, he told me the dive was going great with turtles and a couple grey reefs when out of nowhere came a four meter TIGER SHARK! When the come back to the yacht nobody could stop talking about it – and here’s the picture to prove the claim!

I took a small group to Peleliu Cut, which can be quite a tricky dive due to the currents. We jumped in and were immediately engulfed in a school of about 1000 Giant Trevally. We moved the Palau Siren back to Malakal Harbour for the last day of diving, at Chandelier Cave and the much anticipated nautilus dive followed by a dive at Buoy Six. After the dive we enjoyed a fantastic BBQ prepared by of chef Andre and looked over our photo memories of another great dive trip in Palau.

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