Shark Week in Palau

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Shark Week in Palau…

silver tipsIts day one of another 10 day trip with an almost all American group and one kiwi. The group was excited to hear that they had arived just intime for the bumphead spawning at Sandy Paradise! We headed out for a very memorable check dive, as we enterd the water you couldn’t help but notice an almost milky haze in the vizibility. As we drifted along the reef and sand the schools of baracuda circling around us stopped the group in our tracks. The grey reef sharks were patrolling the sand in numbers I have never seen before at this site. Finally thousands of bumphead parotfish joined us for the rest of our dive. Shooting up in groups of 5-7 fish at a time releasing sperm and eggs all around us, it was a pretty amazing sight and a superb start for this Palau adventure!

reef-sharksWe awoke to sunny skies and calm seas on day two and made our way out to Shark City for dive one. The site was covered in fish and turtles and lets not forget some pretty strong current. Toward the end of the dive two of the guest joined me for a drift into the blue in search of somthing big. Armed with my plastic bottle and a few rocks I coaxed a very large bull shark up from the deep. Siaes Corner was next on the list. While on the wall we had the usual grey reefs and white tips when all of a sudden Leo start banging on his tank, he points in my directing with a excited motion, I turn around and find myself face to face with a 3 metre scalloped hammerhead! AWESOME!

mantas-in-german-channelDay three and four were a blend of awesome and fantastic dives. We had the sharks and manta rays at German Channel, loads of schooling fish and even more sharks at Blue Corner. And yet again more sharks and numerous turtles as well as a leopord shark at New Drop Off. But the highlight of the two days was the dive on Barnum’s Wall. With grey reefs all around it felt like a normal dive…untill a rather large Silver Tip came darting out of the blue right at me! Being mine and most of the guest first encouter with this awesome animal my heart started racing. After about a minute my heart rate finally went back to normal just in time for a second silver tip to join the group. Over the next couple of days the group wanted to do nothing but dive dive dive at Blue Corner and German Channel. Over and over again we were surounded by fish, hungry hunting sharks and some very beautiful mantas, I could do dives like this every day and still be in awe everytime.

Thanks to all from the GotMuck group who joined the Palau Siren – we look forward to seeing you all again for another Shark- filled adventure!

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