Palau Surprises

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Palau Surprises…

 MG 7740Our group from Schoener Tauchen in Germany boarded the Palau Siren eager to get diving right away! We started off at the Haf Adai wreck finding numerous awesome nudis, then proceeded on to Chandelier Cave it being low tide there was fantastic light in the formations and plenty of room to explore. The Iro Maru wreck was our last dive of the day with 25M+ viz the photographers were delighted, then it was time to move on from Malakal Harbour over to Ulong Island and the anticipated shark dives the following day.

 MG 7744Day two we awoke to a beautiful sunrise and a mirror like ocean as we headed to Ulong Channel. The current was running very slow but we were still surrounded by fish and sharks on the coral garden. After lunch we headed to Sandy P where the viz was on the poor side but the fish were out all over the sand back, we had grey reef sharks, white tips and even a school of barracuda. On the night dive at Sand Bar we founds loads of awesome snails and some critters swimming around in the black water.Shark City was number one on the list for day 3. We were cruising along the reef when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a rather larger shark then the grey reefs in the area, Bull Shark! The shark was doing circles right off of the reef edge giving us a couple good opportunities to get a good look. Siaes Corner was up next and the outgoing current brought with it 20 grey reef sharks, which buzzed around us for 30 minutes. Dive three was at Big Drop Off where we again had loads of sharks and even a silver tip joined the party.

bobtail-squidThe next day we had a nice smooth ride around Peleliu, with the sun shining bright we headed out to Turtle Cove. The wall was glowing from the sun shining through all of the different colored soft corals. We dived Blue Corner a couple times the next day and every time was fantastic and full of life. That night I took 2 people to Turtle Cove for an unforgettable night dive. The first 15 minutes of the dive were on the wall but we weren’t having much luck so we swam into the black. Swimming around in the black water is kind of creepy until you start seeing all kinds of juvenile fish then you forget about the fact that you can’t see anything around you. Flying squid and juvenile tobys seemed to be all around us and then out of nowhere I saw this little creature swimming by which I thought was an octopus at first but soon realized I was looking at an awesome bobtail squid!

 MG 7752The next day we split up the groups, my boat headed to Blue Corner for another great dive with loads of fish and a massive school of great Barracuda. Leo’s boat headed to German Channel, where though the viz was poor before they knew it they had a manta ray cruising by on his way to the cleaning station where he stayed for about 15 minutes. By request, that night we headed back out for another black water dive at Turtle Cove. More squid and some funky creatures again but this time we found a juvenile short fin lionfish swimming around too.

 MG 7758Sandy Paradise was dive one of the last day of the trip. The viz was great giving us a clear view of the massive schools of Barracuda, we even had a hug ball of scad being hunted by 4 grey reef sharks and a couple giant trevally. At Short Drop Off we enjoyed a pleasant drift along the wall, I even managed to bring up a silver tip shark. The last dive of the trip was at buoy 6 where we spent some time on a beautiful soft coral covered shipwreck. That night Andre prepared some great BBQ and we ended the day with some ice cold beers; a great way to end another superb trip here in Palau.

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