Shark-tastic Palau

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Shark-tastic Palau…

The second group from Y-Kiki Divers arrived onto the Palau Siren and as they had been diving already in Yap the equipment set up and check dive were quickly completed. Knowing this group was experienced and ready we cruised over to Ulong Island to dive Sandy Paradise, followed by Siaes Tunnel and Ulong Channel where the we felt the true Palau current bringing with it grey reef and white tip sharks and huge schools of midnight snapper.

manta2 germanchannelOur second day of the trip got underway with an early dive at Siaes Corner spotting a juvenile eagle ray, harlequin sweetlips and hawksbill turtles, and then our captain cruised the Palau Siren towards the Ngemelis dive sites, which include Big Drop Off, Turtle Cove and German Channel. The dives brought forth more reef sharks, snappers and Napoleon wrasse, along with our first manta sighting – though only at the surface on our way to our night dive. Manta luck was in and the following morning we returned to German Channel, to find a mild current and a large manta ray at the cleaning station, as well as sharks everywhere! Now our guests know why its one of the most popular dive sites in Palau. Moving on to another favourite, Blue Corner had our divers keen for more as the sharks kept coming and coming as we enjoyed the steadily growing current and huge schools of trevally and friendly Napoleon wrasse.reef-sharks Given that we had success at German Channel we opted to return for a further dive and wow it just got better! The manta stayed for our entire dive enjoying the cleaning station, whilst sharks, snapper, tuna and barracuda were on the list of other favourite sightings. A few of our guests decided to do the optional land-tour at Peleliu Island, whilst the rest took the skiff to dive at Dexter’s Wall where the sheer amount of turtles seen on this dive was just amazing. Our night dive at Barnum’s Wall turned up slipper lobsters, leaf scorpion fish and a free-swimming moray eel.
Blue Holes PalauThe next morning we returned to Blue Corner for even more shark action and followed up with a dive through Blue Holes with the sunlight streaming through giving a stunning atmosphere. But as if that was not enough, our divers were not only treated to seeing 2 sailfish cruising by but then a 4m long whale shark just glided effortlessly by us. What a day with still time for an afternoon snorkel in Jellyfish Lake to enjoy all of the golden jellies and some harmless chuckling at all the “life-jacket” fish being towed on their body boards. The last diving day was already upon us and after a return to Ulong Channel by popular demand for more sharks, it was time to move back to Malakal for a wreck dive at the Iro Maru followed by a dive in Chandelier Cave. Both stunning sites rounded off with some mandarin fish spotting. We had so much fun on this trip and thank the divers of Y-Kiki for joining us once again. Bye for now.

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