Hammerheads, Mantas and ornate ghost pipe fish this week!

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Hammerheads, Mantas and ornate ghost pipe fish this week!

Another exciting adventure started at the Fiji Siren! The crew greeted an amazing group of people from Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States. As we waved goodbye to Volivoli Beach for another 10 night charter with clear blue sky above and calm flat water beneath we headed off to Amazing Maze. After a striking bright red sunset and during dinner our lucky Siren Fleet repeat guests, Denys, Catherine, Clara, Peter, Sean (aka Joe), Antoine, Andre and Tobias were all presented with their FREE Fiji Siren ‘Dive beyond the Bligh’ T-shirts with cheers and clapping all around, as a little thank you and token of our appreciation for their loyalty.

fiji1On the next day, we set off early for a 3-hour cruise to Vatu I Ra (rock under) as we readied ourselves for the first full day of diving starting with Black Magic Mountain, Mellow Yellow, Instant Replay and to kick-off our nocturnal side of diving on this cruise at Mellow Yellow. Despite the rain, the diving was high quality at Ned’s Nuts, Black Forest, Grand Central Station, The Arch and Kansas in our skiffs and as the day unfolded we were delighted with the bright blue sky. As nightfall descended upon us we readied ourselves for yet another night dive at Namena Beach Wreck with a stunning sunset a fitting backdrop behind the Fiji Siren.

Frederiqueblog 1On the next day, at Chimneys, still around Namena Island, we saw green turtles, barracudas, white tip reef sharks, anemones and anemone fish, coral and coronation trout, unicorn fish and the most colorful soft coral and Christmas tree worms you could imagine. The day couldn’t continue better with sharks and dog tooth tuna at Grand Central Station, with massive schools of barracuda and trevally at The Arch, with an ornate ghost pipe fish, tiny pigmy seahorses and picturesque leather coral at Kansas. Back on board, we discovered our Chief Officer and dinghy driver Dodo saw a humpback whale cruise by as our divers were doing their safety stop. Tonight’s night dive was at Namena Point Pinnacle where our guests were treated to reef sharks, lobster, flat worms and crabs. After our Italian themed dinner, our always fun loving and laughing crew took the opportunity to wish Frederique a happy birthday and sang her the Fijian rendition of happy birthday and of course we finished off with a delicious freshly baked and decorated birthday cake. Thanks for choosing the Fiji Siren to celebrate your birthday Frederique!

Hammer-headThe next schedule area was Wakaya Island. First at Vatu Vai and Lion’s Den where our excited guests saw hammerhead sharks at both sites! Once back onboard we were off to Gau for a night dive at Nigali Wall North before settling in for another feast and a calm night’s sleep on anchor inside the lagoon. Nigali Wall South on the next morning delighted our divers with large Napoleon wrasse, a school of 10 black tip reef sharks and a manta ray!

At Taveuni island, where we dove there for 2 days. Morning dives, on the first day, were Nuku’s Reef, Fish Factory and Jerry’s Jelly before exploring the iconic Great White Wall after lunch. That evening we dove at Mini Cabbage Patch which is quickly becoming a favorite of many guests. On the second day, our ‘dive menu’ was Nuku’s Reef and Fish Factory followed by Sam’s Point to Jerry’s Jelly and Blue Ribbon to Jerry’s Jelly and then enjoyed a nice gentle drift at Annie’s Bommies before heading off towards our final diving destination of the cruise: Vatu I Ra.

fiji1Our guests arose at E6 for our first dive with the morning sun fighting hard to come out and then we headed over to the colorful Mount Mutiny to round off the diving for this cruise. Next and final stop at Volivoli Beach where our team worked their magic yet again and created a mouthwatering BBQ as our final dinner as we were entertained with some great photographs taken by Denys throughout the cruise on one of the big screens. Like all things amazing unfortunately the adventure had to come to an end as the crew sang Isa lei to our departing friends…….vinaka vaka levu until next time!

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