Komodo August Dive Report: Mantas, Sharks And Macro!

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Great live aboard dive trip in Komodo.

The Unusual Suspects:

Painted frogfish in Komodo

  • Muck dive
  • Current: None
  • Rigid shrimp fish, pipefish, frogfish, gunnard, crabs, painted frogfish, juvenile bannerfish and nudibranch. 

Gili Lawa Derat Bay:

cococnut crab

  • Night dive
  • Current: None
  • Frogfish, long arm and coconut octopus, crocodile fish, flounder, hermit crabs and Spanish dancers.

Tatawa Kecil:

Manta in Komodo

  • Reef dive
  • Current: Medium
  • Mantas, eagle ray, sharks, turtles, anthias, spawning barrel sponges, turtles, batfish, oriental sweet lips, wrasse, pregnant shark and Maldives sponge snail.

Batu Bolong:

Turtle on coral in Komodo

  • Reef dive
  • Current: Medium
  • Napoleon wrasse, turtles, snowflake moray eels, trevally, juvenile white tip reef shark and nudibranch.

Pink Beach:

Crocodile fish in Komodo

  • Night dive 
  • Current: None
  • Frogfish, squid, cuttlefish, crocodile fish, flounder, juvenile lionfish, pipefish, bobtail squid, coconut octopus, emperor shrimp, decorator crabs and tropical squid.

Customers Feedback

• “It was an epic week! Thank you all!” Alexander Benjamin Brake Whitley-Wilson
• “Absolutely loved it. The diving and dive/boat crew were the highlight of the trip.” Pearl Verma
• “Tristan and Laura were excellent!” David Oblisk

Thank you for this great trip!

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