Philippines August Dive Report: Turtles, Octopus And Millions Of Fish!

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Great live aboard dive trip in Southern Visayas.


Frogfish in the Philippines


  • Reef dive 
  • Current: Mild
  • Giant frogfish, yellow boxfish, trumpetfish, zillion anthias, damsels and chromis, different kinds of fusiliers (blue and yellow, rudy’s, randall’s), glassfish, ringed pipefish, titan triggerfish, dogface puffer, bearded scorpionfish, big school of sardines, green sea turtles, small school of big-eye trevally, leaf scorpionfish , hawksbill turtle, day octopus, tiny coconut octopus, tropical bottletail squid, cuttlefish and gorgeous dramatic wall covered in different colors of soft corals.

Apo Island:

Anemones fish in the Philippines

  • Reef dive
  • Current: Mild
  • Titan triggerfish, pufferfish, schooling bannerfish, zillion anthias and damsels, many different fusiliers, surgeonfish and parrotfish, longfin and circular spadefish, red snapper, blacktail and red snapper, singular bannerfish, yellow boxfish, anemone fish, school of blackspine unicornfish, juvenile striped sweetlips, devil scorpionfish, school of big-eye barracuda, juvenile striped sweetlips, orangespine unicornfish, bluestreak goby, oriental sweetlips,  longface emperor hunting together with bluefin trevally and black banded sea krait, circular and pinnate spadefish, sweetlips, moorish idols, massive day octopus, banded sea snake,  sea snake, porcelain crab, hawksbill turtles,  beautiful dive sites with lots of color (crinoids, soft corals and hard corals).


Flamboyant cuttlefish in Philippines

  • Muck dive
  • Current: None
  • Ambon scorpionfish, ornate ghostpipefish, painted frogfish, warty frogfish, freckled frogfish, finger dragonet, flounders and soles, orange-banded pipefish, japanese night shrimps, rough box crab, skeleton shrimps, flamboyant cuttlefish and tropical bottletail squid.


Moray eel

  • Reef dive
  • Current: Mild
  • Zillion purple anthias, grey and yellow damsel, chromis, giant frogfish, fusiliers, parrotfish, two-spot snapper, schooling bannerfish, pyramid butterflyfish, lionfish, reptilian snake eel, two-eyed coralfish,  flounder, bluespine unicornfish, orange-spotted trevally, rainbow runner, longfin spadefish, false clown and spinecheek anemonefish, school of long-jawed mackerel, brown-marbled grouper, juvenile midnight snapper, leopard wrasse, white-eyed moray eel, mimic filefish, tiny coconut octopus, reef squid and  soft coral spawning, .


Pygmy seahorse in the Philippines

  • Reef dive 
  • Current: Mild
  • Giant frogfish, long-jawed mackerel,anthias and damsels, anemonefish, denise pygmy seahorse, lots of fusiliers, blue trevally, circular spadefish, many different kinds of parrotfish, schooling bannerfish, pyramid butterflyfish, two-spot snapper, orangutan crab, green sea turtles, hairy squat lobster, beautiful dive sites with lots of colorful soft corals, sea fans and leather corals.

Customers Feedback

• “The staff were incredible and made the trip one to remember. Thank you” Rachel Bracken
• “Crew was very accommodating to our particular requirements. Great job by them. Lovely cabins. Superb food .” Dawson Courneya
• “The crew are all great and helpful. Diving experience was wonderful.
We eat so well everyday. Boy the chef is a genious!” Keren Hsiang

Thank you for this great trip!

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