Komodo August Second Dive Report: Mantas, Sharks And Beautiful Macro!

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Great live aboard dive trip in Komodo.

Top 5 dive areas: 

The Estuary:

Corals in Komodo

• Reef Dive
• Current: Mild
• Pygmy cuttlefish, peacock flounder, bentistick pipefish and nudibranch.

Gili Banta:

The Indo Siren in Komodo


• Reef dives
• Current: Mild
• Sharks, eels, tuna, lionfish, manta ray, mobulas, mantas, nudibranch, crabs and crocodile fish.

Gili Lawa Laut:

Mantas in Komodo

• Drift Dives
• Current: Medium
• Mantas, grey sharks, giant trevally whitetip reef sharks, giant sweetlips, fusiliers, oriental sweetlips, Spanish mackerel, whitetip sharks, grey reef sharks, turtle and tunas.

Current City:


Mantas in Komodo

• Reef Dives
• Current: Medium
• Mantas, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, eel, trevallies, dolphins, sharks, bumphead parrotfish, snappers, sweetlips and fusiliers.

Padar Bay:

School of fish in Komodo

• Reef and night Dives
• Current: Mild
• Frogfish, nudibranch, anthias, fusiliers, surgeonfish, sharks, cat shark, shrimps, crabs stonefish, octopus, eels, bamboo sharks.

Customers Feedback

• “Great service! The guys worked tirelessly to make diving easy!” Nigel Baker
• “Best service in my diving experience!” Maria Fernanda Carrera Compean
• “The crew is phenomenal with excellent support.” Michael Barnhardt

Thank you for this great trip!

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