Komodo September Dive Report:

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Great live aboard dive trip in Komodo.

Top 5 dive sites: 

Crystal Rock

School of fish in Komodo

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: Strong
  • Trevallies, moray eels, batfish, ribbon eels, pygmy seahorses, turtles, orangutan crab, sweetlips, tunas, lion fish, eagle rays, Napoleon wrasse, banded sea snake, mantas, mobulas, bamboo sharks, black tip sharks, octopus and black snappers.

Batu Bolong

Cuttlefish in Komodo

  • Reef dive
  • Current: Strong
  • Mantas, grey reef sharks, giant trevallies, white tip sharks, nudibranch, octopus, barracudas, giant sweet lips, anthias, turtles, fusiliers, Napoleon wrasse and banded sea snake.

Pink Beach

Coconut octpus in Komodo

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: Nong
  • Turtle, frogfish, cat sharks, flambloyant cuttlefish, ornate pipefish, cuttlefish, octopus, nudibranch, leaf fish, Ambon scorpion fish, coconut octopus and mimic octopus.


Frogfish in Komodo

  • Reef Dive
  • Current: Medium
  • Mushroom coral pipefish, fusiliers, mantas, sharks, marble rays, ribbon eels, pipefish, shrimps, nudibranch, pooping sea cucumbers, frogfish, leaf scorpion fish and moray eels.

Coral Garden

Moray eel in Komodo

  • Reef Dive
  • Curent: Small
  • Mobula rays, octopus, nudibranch, morey eels, boxer crab, bamboo shark, bobtail squid, jelly fish, stargazor and flounder.

Customers Feedback

• “Everybody seemed to work very hard and everthing was a team effort. Each doing his own tasks and helping with all other tasks. Even the captains helped out. Everyone was friendly, full of smiles and nothing was too much trouble. Diving was amazing.” Karen Brown
• “All the staff have been brilliant . Their attention has been fantastic thank you to every single member of staff they have made this trip exceptional!”Kay Stevenson
• “We were treated like royalty! Rooms made beautifully. Wine for return guests. Dive tenders fast and super efficient team in the dive deck. Diving ran like clockwork!
Thank you Team Siren” Janelle Warner

Thank you for this great trip!

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