From Ghost Pipe Fish to Whale sharks this week!

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From Ghost Pipe Fish to Whale sharks this week!…

The Philippine Siren was happy to welcome aboard her new guests from Australia, Austria and Switzerland. Four of them already did a trip with us in Raja Ampat! After a welcoming drink in the Movenpick Hotel in Cebu, we brought the guests to the boat. When the briefing was done, we were all ready to go for another week! What would this one bring us?
Our first destination was Cabilao where we did the check-up dive in Talisay Tree. Turtles, Sea Snakes and Sea horses were waiting for us! During the night dive in Cambaquiz, the divers had the chance so see an Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish among other critters.

GiantFrogFishWe continue our trip toward Balacisag. The first dive was amazing!!! Two big Giant Frogfishes, Leaf Scorpionfish, Juvenile Batfish all seen while we were drifted by a mild current. In Sanctuary, the guests were impressed by the scenery of the wall and the big school of Jackfish circling around. Black Forrest was nice as always. During the night dive, we could see a Pygmy Squid, Pygmy Cuttle Fish and Zebra Moray Eel. After that amazing day full of incredible small critters encounters, our guests shared their pictures and comments around some nice drinks.

ws-LowAt Oslob, the time came to snorkel with the Whale Sharks. Just when the sun was rising, we found 10 of them! The biggest one was about 10 meters! After this, we headed down to Dauin for some muck diving. During our first dive in Kabayo Point, we found 3 Thorny Seahorses, Waspfish and Ornate GhostPipe Fish. In Cars, the painted Frogfish was the center of all the photographers. Luc Sanctuary was chosen for the night dive of the day.

Full-Body-Massage-FallsIn Apo Island, we dove in Coconut Point, Rocky Point West and in Cogon where the wonderful scenarios amazed the divers. We went back to Dauin for the night dive, in San Miguel. The divers came back with very enthusiastic stories about what they saw: Flamboyant Cuttle Fish, Ghost Pipe Fish and several kinds of crabs. For our last day of the trip, we headed off to Moalboal. First at Pescador Island with its Giant Grey Frogfish, then in Tongo point with its turtles. To end the day, we all went to visit the Kawasan Falls close to Moalboal where we all swam and relaxed with some beers. Some of us went under the waterfall to have a full body massage! What a nice way to finish the week! Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

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