A Nautilus Dive, sharks, mantas…. Palau what a great destination!

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A Nautilus Dive, sharks, mantas…. Palau what a great destination!   

The Palau Siren and her crew were ready for a great 7 night dive trip in the Palau waters. This week the lucky divers were an international group of divers from the United States, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland, Canada and Belgium.
On the first day of diving, while we had a light breakfast and a coffee, the Palau Siren already started moving and made its way to Ulong where we dove Sandy Paradise, Siaes Tunnel and Ulong Channel. On each dive site we could enjoy many schools of fish and sharks and the beautiful coral garden at Ulong Channel.

Wrasse PalauAfter diving Ulong channel and Siaes Corner with its Napoleon wrasses and school of barracudas, the Palau Siren headed to Ngemelis, we dove Blue Corner with a good current that allowed us to hook and enjoy the sharks and schooling fish just in front of our eyes. Then, it was time to do our night dive at German Wall were we saw moray eels, crabs, shrimps, nudibranch and lion fish.

NautilusNext on our schedule was German Channel where we had two Manta rays, Schooling fish and sharks hunting together with giant Trevallies. After breakfast our second dive was at Blue Holes where we had sharks, Napoleons, fusiliers and turtles. For the third dive head out to Barnum’s wall enjoying the coral garden with plenty of turtles and a leopard shark. In the evening, our night dive was at Big Drop Off where we saw eels, crabs, shrimps, turtles and even white tip reef sharks. The first dive of the next day was Turtle cove where we prepared a Nautilus Dive. Our second dive was at New Drop Off with a lot of fish and turtles. After lunch, we headed out to Blue Corner where this time the current was mild but we had amazing dive with many schools of fish around us! The night dive was at Barnum’s Wall where we experienced again the new black light effects.

JFL PalauOn the next day, at German Channel we dove again with mantas and schooling fish. After breakfast. some of the guests went to Peleliu for the historical land tour and learned a bit more about the history of this island. The other half went diving with us at Virgin Blue Hole: Napoleons, school of snappers and fusiliers as well as turtles and mackerels. After lunch, we went to Dexter’s Wall where we just had another amazing dive with a lot of shark action and turtles. After the night dive at German Channel and Ngemelis wall we enjoyed the evening with a nice dinner and very good conversations.


On our last day of diving in the Rock Island, we did a snorkeling trip to Jellyfish Lake, a wreck dive at Iro Maru and a cave dive at Chandelier Cave! What a great way to finish this great week on board the Palau Siren!

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