A real manta ray trip!

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A real manta ray trip

The Indo Siren boarded a mixed group of divers. After a quick orientation we went through the master drill and set up our equipment. While we had dinner the guests started to get known each other.
After a good night sleep on board we started our diving in Sangeang at Bonto Reef. Everybody enjoyed getting wet with ordinate ghost pipe fish, many reef octopus, cuttlefish and frog fishes. After lunch we moved over to Gili Banta. K2 surprised us with 2 Mantas. Gazor beach offered us stargazer, white V octopus, flounders, black frog fish and starry octopus. What a great start ! Everyone was very happy after the first diving day.


Next day, everybody was ready to go diving in Komodo at Coral Garden. It was wonderful dive with mild current where everyone could spread out. We moved over to Gili Lawa Laut to dive Crystal Rock with white tip sharks, grey reefs, turtles and schooling fish. Third dive was another highlight with Mantas, Mobulas and Eagle rays in Shotgun. Both dives offered us plenty of opportunities to make great shots. A lot of chatting and excitement while we had dinner and we already could see people were jawing.

white tip sharks

After an early wake up, we got accompanied by the sunrise all the way to Batu Bolong in Current City.  With a good strong current we dove the lee side with schooling fish, sharks and turles.  Second dive of the day was Makassar Reef we were very lucky with quite a few Mantas. The afternoon and night dive was at Wainiloo were we very lucky and could encounter rhinopias, dragonets, strawberry nudibranch and many other night creatures as octopus.

UdovanDongen Flores 700

Next day, we went to Rinca to watch the Dragons. Everybody was amazed by the Komodo dragons. After that beautiful scenery walk we moved over to Komodo where we explored Pink beach where we got a good mix of macro and corals.

Komodo Dragons

We woke up in the Horse Shoe Bay at Nusa Kode/Rinca, the most southern destination of this trip. Now it was time to dress up a bit more because the water temperature here drops down to 20 C. Cannibal Rock, The Boulders and Yellow Wall let us explore coleman shrimp, zebra crabs, dorid nudibranchs, flabelina nudibranchs, barramundi’s, lady bugs, chamberlain nembrotha, glassodoris, chromodoris and sea apples. We actually were lucky and had all day 21 degrees. Even it was colder most of the guests joined the amazing night dive in Torpedo Alley. With the black sand and bobbit worms, arrow crabs, seahorse and many octopus reminded the divers a bit and a freak show.


The next morning,  we started with one more dive at Cannibal Rock, then moved the Indo Siren over to Padar where we could enjoy Secret Garden. There we could see giant frogfish, scorpion leaf fish and even some Mobulas passed by. After that dive, we used the current to push us up all the way to Batu Bolong. There we could enjoy the wall site with stunning corals and fish life. For the night dive we went for an exploration dive  in Makassar Bay.
At Tatawa Besar, we had an  amazing drift dive over soft corals companied by many fish. Our second dive was the surprise of the day. We went again for Makassar reef and more than 20 Mantas decided to come too. Wow best ever. Our third dive was Castle Rock with a small current and many schooling fish.

schools of fish

Our last day in Gili Lawa Laut we dove Shotgun, Crystal and Castle Rock again. In the first dive our guest got nicely surprised with a Manta on the cleaning station. On the rest of the dives, we could see grey reef sharks and whitetips playing with the current. Also the schooling fish on both sides were amazing. We could literally play hide and seek behind the fish. Our last night dive offered as mantis shrimp, nudibranch, bobtail squid and many more. We also took a UV light with us and could show the florescent coral!

Komodo by Arron Wong 114

The last day of diving ended with two more muck dives at Unusual Suspect in Bima Bay. We found an incredible amount of amazing animals: frogfish, juvenile wunderpus, octopuses, harlequin shrimps, scorpionfish, and lots of other creatures.

Komodo trip 22 groupcrew

At the last night we celebrated the birth of a grandchild of one guest and the birthday of Wes! Good fun! Thanks to all to make that wonderful trip so special!

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