A sky full of starts and a sea full of life!

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A sky full of starts and a sea full of life!

The Fiji Siren moved out to Vatu-I-Ra with a new group of divers aboard her decks, this time with another group of Americans being led by Ed & Joe from Ocean Enterprises. Being that most guests arrived that morning we decided we would not dive this evening and let everyone settle in to get some rest before jumping into the blue.


For the first day of diving we had the waters of Vatu-I-Ra to keep us enthralled. To make a little more anticipation, Ryan had dived Mellow Yellow already and considered this to be one of his favorites. He passed on his view so that all were eager to drop onto this site. We had a quick dive to Coral Corner to get sorted and see a couple of sharks before splitting into two groups and hitting Mellow Yellow and Black Magic Mountain. All was as expected. We had some good visibility mixed with some schools of trevally, snapper and fusiliers making for great dives. Yellow corals were out on display for Mellow Yellow and some sharks were performing for our group at Black Magic Mountain.  As the evening rolled in we decided to move down to the island of Gau.

reef sharks 02 700

For the morning, we had Jim’s Alley and Anthias Avenue on the schedule. We had a few tomato anemones at Jim’s Alley and plenty of corals at Anthias Avenue.  A surprise for everyone at the end of the first dive was to come back to the boat and hear that the captain had been watching a manta ray for the better part of 10 minutes just slightly out of view of the divers underwater. A little disheartening for us divers to miss but still a good feeling knowing these creatures are still out and about in Fijian waters.

 DSC1401 117 Edit

After diving Nigali Passage where we had plenty of sharks and trevalles, we had Wakaya next on our list of places to travel. We spent the morning diving into Vatu Vai and Lion’s Den looking out for scorpion fish, reef sharks and a pipe fish or two. During lunch we moved the boat up to Makogai Island for one afternoon dive out to Pinball before we did a tour of the village.

Shooling Grey Reef Sharks at School House 700

Something amazing was to happen tonight with a massive surprise of a 50th wedding anniversary. With the help from the family we managed to decorate the boat and have a wild night of kava, beer and wine as a celebration! Congrates to Fred and Ellen!! For our last island hop we spent two days at Namena Marine Reserve diving the sites of School House, with its schooling banner fish and barracuda, and Grand Central station where we had the oceanic triggerfish and golden mantis shrimp populations.  Here we got to stay out at the reef for the night as it was so calm and dive into Ned’s for the night dive. We had octopus and plenty of crabs playing in the dark.

happy guest on fiji

The next morning we dropped into Chimneys which was one of the favourite sites of the trip where we had sexy shrimp, morays, a couple of sharks and two pygmy pipe horses. From here it was back to the North for the second dive then finish up at Black Forest before hitting the last night dive at Nemo’s Playground.

corals 700

So as to not let anyone feel left out we joined in to make another celebration for this evening. This time for newly weds. We managed to locate some palm leaves and had the top deck remade to look more islandy. The crew came back out and played some tunes and had the happy couple right out front to enjoy the whole night with the finish being us turn all mast lights out to view an extremely clear nights sky full of stars.

evening on fiji siren

It was sad to see everyone leave but hopefully very soon we will catch up for a dive or even just a glass of wine. Vinaka Vake Levu to all from Ocean Enterprises!

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