All we have to say is that we saw 20 mantas!

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All we have to say is that we saw 20 mantas!

The Indo Siren and her crew welcomed this week a group of 15 divers from USA, Germany and UK that decided to come to Raja Ampat for fantastic diving aboard the Indo Siren. A few of our guests had dived with the Siren Fleet at other destinations, and all were excited to see what Raja Ampat had to offer. They would not be disappointed.
We first introduced our divers to the strange and wonderful creatures of Candy Store, on the islands of Daram. After breakfast we went to Andiamo a dive site with a beautiful scenery big and small creatures and amazing corals. After some relaxation it’s time to get wet again… at Living Colors with Overhangs, pigmy seahorse, gorgonians and octopus a fantastic dive to finish with. After the dive Indo Siren set sail to Warakaraket.

The following morning, the Indo Siren moved to Magic Mountain. Also we had big staff like Wobbegong shark and walking shark. After breakfast we went to Boo Windows. Our third dive was at Whale Rock. That day was a day of good medium currents which brought up even more fish! Most of the guests already so satisfied with the day that only 2 want more and head out for a night dive at Fiabacet.

pic77We started another pristine morning and a stunning dive at Four Kings. The vibrantly colored corals and schools of brilliant fish were breathtaking. A bit of rain in the afternoon but that did not infect our dive at Gorgonian Passage a beautiful Wall with Gorgonians big than a diver. Ah, but the most exciting dive of the day was Wedding Cake! The troops were tired, but a couple of divers suited up and enjoyed a night dive at Barracuda Rock.

The sunshine lit up Tank Rock and highlighted the richness of its colors and creatures. Schooling yellow fin Fusilier, turtles and an electric fire clam added their brilliance to that of their tiny nudi counterparts. Next dive was at a Rock with looks like a Nudi from distance and so the Dive site name came up Nudi Rock with brillant colors and of course plenty of nudi’s and pigmy seahorse. Divers explored the reef of Yellit Kecil and hung around in their chosen vantage points. We repeated the dive site for our night dive and explored plenty of shrimp, crabs and scorpion fish.

Route-reWe started the next day with Baby Rock in the area of Wagmar. An amazing reef with many Lobster with made our guest hungry for breakfast. The second dive was at Two Tree Rock and the colors, the fish and the nudis made it very memorable for our guest.
Our first dive of the day was at Manta Sandy enjoying the Manta cleaning show and small staff like pigmy seahorse and robust pipefish. Second dive we jumped straight away again because around 20 Mantas were waiting. The afternoon we started out with a woosh of excitement at Aerborek! Divers literally flew over coral and plentiful creatures on this reef. Night dive at Aerborek jetty was amazing… wonderful night creatures made our day perfect.

The following morning, the Indo Siren moved to Penemu to a dive site called Mellissa’s garden a stunning dive with Wobbegong Shark, Ribbon eel and many other creatures. After breakfast of for a hike up the hill to enjoy the view over Bintang (Star ) Bay. Second dive at Raibow Wall we got speedy drift dive along a beautiful wall. Citrus Ridge was a great complement to the previous dives with its currents and colors. Divers explored the reef and hung around in their chosen vantage points. Sandy Channel teeming with black tip sharks schools of Barracuda and Jacks were so very impressive.

Great to return warmers waters and to Mioskon! Huge schools of blue lined snapper and many Wobbegong Sharks punctuated this dive. Second and third dives were at Blue Magic and Sardine Reef. Our last night dive for the trip was at Yembeser Jetty which was just awesome! Bobtail squid, a mini lion fish, a Toad fish, and tiny octupus were in abundance!

Indo-Siren-Crew-Photo-reThe last dive day, we started with the guests’ choice Blue Magic with a dancing oceanic Manta made the morning dive stunning. For the last dive, we did Cape Kiri a dive site already well known for its beauty. Schools of fish and a wonderful coral garden made the last dive also unforgettable. After that the Indo Siren lift up the Sails and we had back to Sorong.
Unfortunately it was time to say good bye. Time for a group picture and say thank you to our guest for a wonderful trip! We hope to see you soon on board!!!

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