Amazing macro and underwater action this week in Southern Visayas

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Amazing macro and underwater action this week in Southern Visayas

The Philippine Siren was ready again to start another great adventure around Southern Visayas. With all her guests on board, their first destination was Cabilao. First dive on the itinerary was Talisay Tree which gave a very good first impression to our guests.  Amazing colorful soft corals as well as nudibranch and turtles.  At Cambaquiz, during the night dive, we saw robust ghost pipe fish, bobtail squid and pygmy octopus.

pescador island8On the next day, we reached Balicasag where Black Forest really impressed our guests: all types of nembrothas, mantis shrimps and turtles. The rest of the dives were not disappointing neither! Frogfish, big school of jacks and again many nudibranch and  turtles. The night dive was also a success: blue ringed octopus, pygmy cuttlefish, and lots of crabs, just to mention some of them!
Once the night divers were back on board, the captain lifted the anchor to Dauin where a great muck diving was waiting for us! Different species of frogfish (giant, warted, painted and also the hairy one!); octopus (blue ringed, wonderpus, two ringed ,mimic and the ocellate!); seahorses (thorny); cuttlefishes, flamboyant cuttlefish, ghost pipe fish and a big etcetera! It was truly amazing to see how many flamboyant cuttlefish we saw on this trip and definitely one of the highlights was also when the very rare ocellate octopus came out of the hole starting to pick up stones and show all his different colors.Just amazing!

Cambaquiz11On Apo Island, divers enjoyed the beautiful coral gardens where we spotted   turtles, school of jackfish and scorpion leaffish and lot of banded sea snakes. On the next day, under our guests’ request, we came back to Dauin to dive 2 new dive sites full of saw blade shrimp, mimic octopus, seahorse, frogfish etc. For the third dive, we went to Ceres for the second time this trip and it was again really amazing: two ringed octupus, wonderpus, seahorse, flamboyant cuttlefish so again tons of good photo-opportunities!!! Followed by an excellent night dive with different types of crabs, shrimps and much more.

Cars31Next on our schedule was Moalboal where we dove on Pescador Island: amazing scenery and giant grey frogfish as well as beautiful ghost pipe fish. On the second dive, we went for the famous school of sardines in Moalboal, a cloud of thousands of sardines dancing just in front of our eyes! Once in the life time experience!  Then, Dolphin House, where our photographers had the opportunity to photograph pygmy seahorse and frogfish.

At Oslob, everybody was excited to finally snorkel with 7 whalesharks. What an amazing experience for our guests who were waiting for this moment since the first day of the cruise. After the snorkeling we travelled back to Balicasag where we dove Black Forest and Divers Heaven. Nice and relaxed dives on which we saw nudis, octopus, turtles, moray eels etc. 
It was a trip with a lot of fun and incredible dives! . Thank you very much for this amazing trip! I hope to see you all soon on board! 

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