Amazing Raja Ampat

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The Indo Siren was ready for a great diving adventure in Raja Ampat! From day one we had wobbegong sharks, walking sharks, cuttlefish and more.  The next day started off with Cape Kri , followed by Blue Magic and Sardines. Today was a “fishy” day with schooling fusiliers and trevallies, big schools of barracudas and snappers, whilst close to the reef black and white tip reef sharks cruised along. For the night dive we moved a little bit west and checked out the reef close to the Village of Sauwanderak.

Some more “big stuff” today, at with at Manta Sandy where we have been very lucky and could see 5 mantas visiting the cleaning station. In between the big fish action was also time to look in the sand and gravel for some smaller creatures like Pegasus sea moth. What a great start of the day!! We moved just a short distance and had an amazing second dive at Lalosi, which means Fusilier in Bahasa. The reef is really living up to his name, large schools of fusiliers cruising along the reef followed by their predators like wahoo and giant trevallies. The reef top is stunning with large coral covered boulders under which wobbegong sharks resting. The small little Island of Airborek is known for its Jetty and we stopped there for the afternoon and night dive.  We were rewarded with wonderpus, walking shark and trevallies hunting under the pier. In between the dives a few of us used the time for a short land visit.

smaller creatures

Our final day in central Raja Ampat started with Citrus Ridge, only a mild current meant that we could enjoy this beautiful reef with amazing soft corals for the majority of the dive. A few black tip reef sharks, bumphead parrot fish and large schools of barracudas have been on the long list of sightings. During breakfast Captain Ahmad moved the Indo Siren further west for us to explore some of the dive sites in Penemu. Rainbow Wall lived up to his name and everybody was impressed by the colorful black coral bushed along the steep slopes.  The final dive before the long crossing was at Melissa’s Garden, stunning hard corals, thousands of fusiliers, pygmy seahorse, mushroom coral pipe fish and wobbegong, all in one dive—great!

bumpheads raja ampat72

After a very smooth crossing south we arrived just in time for our first dive at Wagmab Wall, large overhangs with beautiful soft corals, schools of fusiliers and a great variety of seafans welcomed us to Misool. More fish action awaited us on our next dives at Antichovey and Four Kings, before we anchored in a sheltered bay of Wayanbatan for the night.
No moving of the Indo Siren tonight and everybody woke up here in Misool. The visibility was stunning today and the water lovely and warm, nearly every dive was in a “fish soup” of fusiliers and silver sides, however our guides Erol, Inal and Inyo spotted of course a variety of pygmy seahorses and small decorator crabs.

pygmy seahorses

We moved a bit east towards Fiabacet and started the day with Boo West , followed by Nudi Rocks. Again we had great visibility and amazing amount and variety of fish here in Misool.

At Magic Mountain we had an amazing amount of fish awaited us as soon we descended. The oceanic mantas had their day off but black tip, grey reef and white tip reef sharks cruised along together with Napoleon wrasse and trevallies. Our second dive was on another iconic side in the south Boo Windows again a large amount of fish and of course the beautiful window made all our divers smile.  More fish in the afternoon at Yellit Kecil, large schools of barracudas and batfish surrounded us and beautiful misool pygmy seahorses been spotted.


For our final two dives we moved a bit not to Safog and had great dives with again large schools of fish. After surfacing from our final dives the crew put the sails up and everybody could enjoy the Indo Siren in her full beauty. Then it was time to start the long cruise back to Sorong, but it was very entertaining with a few cocktails, laughs and future dive plans been discussed.

song on board

Until next Time, Terima kasha!

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