Amazing trip on board the Fiji Siren: plenty of sharks, school of fish and great macro!

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Amazing trip on board the Fiji Siren: plenty of sharks, school of fish and great macro!

The Fiji Siren was back again on the water for a 7 night liveaboard trip with this time a whole team of people from Thailand. We had the duo of ‘O’ and Debbie return to us for their second trip aboard the S/Y Fiji Siren. We also had a few people form the United States, the UK and one gentleman from Germany. On the day of embarkation, we decided we would enter into the water for a late afternoon dive as the checkout dive for most of the boat to Amazing Maze. About half of the boat decided this was a good time to go and the other decided they would like to settle in for the night with a glass of wine or a beer or two.


fiji13Our cruise started by taking us to Vatu-I-Ra for a day diving at Maytag and Mellow Yellow with the added bonus of Howards Diner. We had a few grey reef sharks come circling around, a very curious spanish mackerel swim by and as for coral we had a small valley of bright pink soft coral and of course Mellow Yellow having its one big wall covered in branching yellow corals.

For the night we travelled down the coast to the Island of Gau for an early morning dive near the Shark Passage. After breakfast, we gave everyone a taste of the Nigali Passage with the second dive there being the enticement dive. This brought all the grey reef sharks and red snapper up close and personal to our divers. For the first night dive of the cruise we headed to Anthias Avenue where we had a couple of sharks upon entry and then lots of nudies and smaller creature there on in.



Hammer headWe had a quick stop off in Wakaya for a days’ diving to try find us a manta or two and the resident hammerhead which we were lucky enough to get a quick glimpse at as it passed by Wakaya Wall. We continued on to Namena Marine Reserve where we would be staying for a few days to check out the parks best diving. First up we took over Grand Central Station to try and locate the big schools of fish and pygmy sea horses. We followed this by moving to the south and jumping in on Chimneys and South Save-A-Tack Wall. All of these had a good mixture of small critters from pipe fish to sea spiders and then a couple of barracuda and small white tip pass by. At this point of the cruise it was becoming very evident that almost every diver was used to somewhat warmer waters as we started to add more and more layers to each person. The water temperature has reached 26C and is slowly making its way down for another month until we bounce back.

TEPPER 3Trying again next morning for some big action back over in the north at Grand Central and Schoolhouse. We were not disappointed with this in the slightest with about 15 grey reef sharks and many small schools of fish roaming the deep at both sites. One of my favourites being the small red tooth trigger fish with its slight turquoise outline and blood red teeth. We knew we would be finishing up at Namena and starting the trek home after this day so we entered on to Black Forest and Neds to really end on a bang with our blue ribbon eel at Black Forest and abundance of soft coral at Neds. This kept everyone happy with plenty to see everywhere. The last night dive of the trip was a blast with being at the Namena Beach Wreck. We found many different types of crabs and small critters. We even found the ever elusive white mantis shrimp. With a couple of lights on this guy he was the star of his own show jumping out to try and catch a small fish. Thankfully he missed his target so we got to see him try again. Hidden under the wreck we found an absolutely massive porcupine fish being at least half a meter long.

TEPPER 5Our last day seen us back into the Bligh Waters to dive the Famous E-6. It was as always a magnificent dive with all it amazing rock structure and unique position of being in the middle of no-where. Our very last dive was to be at Mount Mutiny where the current wasn’t too strong. We had a couple of hawkes bill turtles ride around the pinnacle with us and even a couple of friendly white tips join along for the swim.

Sadly by the time we moored back up in Volivoli and had dinner it was almost time to say good bye to Tia and John who had booked a really early flight out to the island of Taveuni. Being 2 am no one other than the crew would be getting up to say farewell to this couple. All I can say is its great being back out on the water and travelling around the islands again and with groups like this one you could not ever ask for more. I hope to see you all again, and best wishes for the future! Vinaka Vake Levu, Moce Mada!

Amazing trip on board the Fiji Siren, plenty of sharks, school of fish and great macro!

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