An in depth Philippine experience

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An in depth Philippine experience

whale-sharkJoining the Philippine Siren and her crew for this trip in the Southern Visayas was the group from Wild Earth Expeditions. Tour leader Thomas Baechtold writes about their experience in the Philippines…




soft-coralsWe had it all… from the largest fish in the ocean to the tiniest. From spectacular coral gardens filled with a myriad of fish in all colours, to wonderful wall dives with overhangs covered in sponges and fans along with “muck diving” finding weird and wonderful critters. Frog fish, Pipe fish, Pygmy seahorses, Green & Hawksbill turtles, 7 different species of anemone fish are just some of the wonderful marine species we spotted during our 7 days with the Siren Fleet.





snorkeller--wsFor many of our group the highlight of the trip was their first encounter with the largest fish in the ocean, the mighty whale shark. To spend a whole hour in the water up close and personal with 4 of these incredible creatures was truly a special experience for all of us, even those that have seen them many times in the wild. To watch them gulping food right next to us was fantastic.


tricycleAnother highlight was to step ashore in various places en route to meet the friendly locals and experience the local culture. Hopping on the back of a tricycle to visit the markets, we also got to experience seeing a cock fight in an arena; which was great. The guests all loved it. It was an all-round fabulous experience to combine awesome scuba diving with land based tours and the team at Worldwide Dive and Sail were very flexible and considerate of our needs.

diverEva did an outstanding job as the cruise director and was always extremely accommodating and courteous. She always made sure everything was taken care of and is a hard working perfectionist. We all became friends very quickly. The crew on board were all wonderful and did a great job. Maureen gave the most incredible massages and the food prepared by the Philippine Siren’s chefs Jimmy & Boy was to die for.


Thank you guys for an amazing time and I look forward to coming back with another group in the future….. next stop on this amazing adventure…. Palau with the Palau Siren – what a great combination!


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