Atmosphere Resort Combo Trip VS Whaleshark

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Atmosphere Resort Combo Trip

schooloffishWe left from Cebu on the 26th of August for our 7 day cruise on our 40m long luxurious Phinisi Schooner “Philippine Siren”. This was a special cruise, as it was a combination trip with Atmosphere Resort in Dauin: 7 days dive safari on the Siren and 7 days land based diving with Atmosphere. Our 15 guests on board came from the Philippines, the US, Italy and Great Britain. Most of the divers were equipped with excellent cameras and not long after leaving the port the first lively discussions started about underwater housings, filters, settings and photography techniques. Lots of pictures were shared and compared, and Gutsy treated us on one evening with a slide show. Thanks Gutsy that was great!
whaleshark-tubbatahaWe started our Southern Visayas Trip in Cabilao, followed by Balicasag, Dauin, Sumilon, Moalboal and Pescador Island. The diving was spectacular with a large variety of reef structures and underwater life: Wall dives with black tip reef sharks, large school of sardines, barracudas, big eye jacks and wahoos. Black sand dives with all sizes and coloration of frogfish, pegasus sea moth, seahorse, ornate and robust ghost pipefish. Sandy slopes with octopus, cuttlefish, pipefish, moray eels and so much more…
But one of the biggest highlight was the whale shark in Moalboal. Donato spotted it from the boat during lunch, and almost everybody immediately jumped into the dinghies putting on their snorkeling gear, lunch was forgotten…In a frantic display of getting into the water quickly, everybody just grabbed any fins and mask they could find, which ended quite interesting for Quino, as he borrowed David’s fins which were far too big for him, so one fin stayed behind on the dinghy after the backrole… On the other hand Philip forgot to put on his fins completely, what made it quite hard to keep up with the whale shark…Gutsy, who was the only one who thought about to grab his camera, got a few great pictures and even a short video!
ghostpipfish-redDuring the day we were spoiled with chef Jimmy’s and chef Boy’s culinary art skills and in the evenings Margherita challenged us with samba and rumba lessons, which were a lot of fun, even Jimmy decided to have a short dance. In the end almost everybody was dancing, different styles, mixes with different rhythms, accompanied with lots and lots of laughter…
At Pescador Island another mission started, as we spotted a red and yellow frogfish on the 1st dive and everybody tried to get a picture with the frogfish yawning.yellowfrogfish2 The success rate was quite high, only Paz, who was sitting in front of it for 45 minutes on the 3rd dive couldn’t make it yawn. Most creative her explanation: “Well, I am just not boring enough”… Not to forget the “interesting” night dive in Balicasag, as a small plastic part of the nitrox analyzer decided to jump overboard… Everybody immediately volunteered to go for a “search and rescue mission” and luckily it was found shortly after, but the entire group was rewarded with two blue-ring octopus which were hanging out right underneath the boat! Thanks guys and big hug for Gina!
On the last day everybody disembarked at Atmosphere Resort in Dauin, with hopefully another great week of diving. A truly enjoyable trip, Cheers!




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