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It felt like entering a different world!

The Philippine Siren welcomed on board 16 happy and smiling guests from 6 different countries for this New Year’s liveaboard dive trip in the Southern Visayas. Just before we wanted to set off for our first destination: Talisay Tree. The beautiful wall with Gorgonians and soft corals were a nice habitat for the usual suspects: tomato anemonefish, false clown anemonefish – and many other kinds of anemonefish, common lionfish, schooling fusiliers, red tooth triggerfish, rabbit fish, trevally, trumpetfish, anthias, dogface pufferfish, blackstriped angelfish, three spot angelfish and a huge zebra moray and ringed pipefish. It was not a bad dive at all for a check dive!

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Christmas is more fun in the Philippine Siren

The Philippine Siren crew welcomed on board a new group of 16 guests all ready to enjoy a liveaboard dive trip in the Southern Visayas during Christmas time! 
The first diving day started with a check dive at Talisay Tree, Cabilao, and what a nice start of the trip it was! The very pretty wall with lots of soft and hard corals amazed the guests. Purple anthias, different kinds of damsels and fusiliers were colouring the scenery, while we were finding many types of nudibranchs. We also found a ringed pipefish carrying eggs, which was very special. 

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