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Rhinopious,mantas and Komodos. What else?

Rhinopious,mantas and Komodos. What else?   

This week the Indo Siren was happy to welcome aboard 15 divers from Underwater Phantaseas. Some were return customers; others keen to experience this type of diving for themselves.
Their first morning was gorgeous for their checkout dive at Techno Reef and they sharpened their dive skills through the next two sites—The Estuary and K2—marveling at how healthy and colorful the reefs were and the diversity of the teeny nudibranchs. That debut night dive at Circus was the first time many of these divers had ever seen stargazers and they were delighted with their sandy camouflage techniques!

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Nick’s 1st trip in Komodo

Nick’s 1st trip in Komodo…

Its Friday 13th June and 16 Australian, Canadian and American divers have arrived in Bima to board the Indo Siren! After some papper work and briefings, while watching the beautiful sunset over the mountans, we pulled anchor and headed on our way towards Komodo. In the morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and calm seas as we aproched Coral Garden for our first dive of the trip. The site was full of life, massive schools of blue dash fusiliers and some very impressive schools of moorish idols danced in the gentle current. Blake even found a beautiful white leaf fish. Dive two was on Crystal Rock ; full of fish and with a couple white tip sharks. Inyo found the group a gorgonian giving us our first look and two fantastic pygmy sea horses whilst cruising along I found an egg sack anchored to the rocks by a bamboo shark… not a bad way to spend a day…

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Komodo Back Again

Back Again…

What a start for the Komodo season, the Indo Siren was on the way from Makassar to Bima when the news reached us that the volcano Sangeang has erupted. Sangeang being on our route and in close vicinity to Bima and Komodo it had a great impact on our tour and the cruise. All flights were canceled to Bima but a window of opportunity opened when Labuan Bajo airport declared itself open for business after a 3 day closure. We decided to reroute all guests to Labuan Bajo and bring the boat overnight to Flores. With all guests on board we started our Komodo adventure diving Bida Dari and Sebayur Kecil.

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Form Port to Port….

Port to Port…

For our latest Indo Siren adventure we would be making our way from Sorong to Ambon, so with guests boarded and dive gear set up we left the harbour for our first stop of the trip; Waigeo. In the morning we awoke to see fruit bats hovering over the island of Mioskon where we jumped in for a gentle check dive, seeing our first wobbegong sharks and pygmy seahorses of this 10-night liveaboard safari. Other highlights of the day were the schooling fish, hunting jacks and a solar-powered nudibranch.

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Wobbegong firsts and plenty of pygmies

Wobbegong firsts and plenty of pygmies…

On the 2nd of May our guests from America arrived early morning for our last regular trip through Raja Ampat this season. On the boat they enjoyed a breakfast and after the administration and the other usual duties we left late afternoon to Misool. With a smooth crossing we arrived right on time for a check dive in Daram, though its time to check weights and get comfortable in the kit again everyone had an eye for the beautiful scenery. We made our second dive on one of my personal favorites, Magic Mountain; a great dive and for many of our guests their first wobbegong shark sighting – some spotting them for themselves. Great job guys!!! Third dive of the day was on Boo Windows; another favorite. After enjoying the “windows” we found some pygmy seahorses and a few more wobbegongs….

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Mantas Action in Raja Ampat

Mantas Action in Raja Ampat…

sea-fan uliOn 21 April a new trip of the Indo Siren through Raja Ampat started with our 15 Europeans finally boarded after a flight delay we commenced our journey to Misool to kick start our diving in Daram. The great viz and very calm sea had everyone totally enthused about the dives with stunning corals, schools of fish and of course the pygmy seahorses. Dive day 2 got underway at Yiliet Kecil followed by Magic Mountain where we were wowed by the vast amounts of fish, turtles, white tip sharks and a manta ray circling over our heads. Our night dive brought forth a first for many with a sighting of the epaulette “walking” shark. A superb day of diving with plenty more in store…

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Scuba X Travel….

indo siren - Robin GibbsScuba X Travel….

Our group arrived into Sorong ready to board the Indo Siren for what was to be another awesome dive trip in Raja Ampat. We spent a restful morning with briefings, equipment set up and harbor clearance with the first Bintangs being tested before we began our cruise to Daram in the Misool region. After a comfortable ride we began our dives at Living Colors, Candy Store and Andiamo. Great viz and a big schools of fish, octopus, pygmy seahorse and of course the stunning corals!

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Dive dreams in vivid color…

Dive dreams in vivid color….

Indonesian soft coral by Ken KnezickFor our latest adventure aboard the Indo Siren we welcomed guests from America and Canada, who had arrived in Sorong early morning on the fourth of March, together with tour leader, Ken Knezick of Island Dreams Travel. So after the boat briefings, paperwork, a filling breakfast and time to relax, we completed the setting up of dive equipment in preparation to depart. In our last Indo Siren Liveaboard dive trip report, we had two wonderful dives on Two Tree Island with a ‘sardine-run’ we decide to go there directly and hope the bait-ball were still there.

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Rays dive into sardine cloud

Rays dive into sardine cloud…


Yellow-Snapper-in-Misool-Ben-JacksonOn the 20th of February our guests, from differing countries, arrived on S/Y Indo Siren moored in Sorong, but all with English as their mother language. After the boat briefing, paperwork and a sumptuous breakfast there was time to relax, before setting up the scuba equipment in preparation to get underway in the afternoon. After a very smooth  cruise to Misool we commenced our first day’s diving in Daram. Sunny weather and great viz greeted us and the dive sites were truly amazing. The Candy Store, Living Colors and Andiamo gave beautiful backdrops provided by sea fans and gorgonian corals, as big schools of fish swam around. A few lucky divers spotted their first ever pygmy seahorse.

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