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No matter where we looked there was another school of barracudas

Ni Sa Bula and welcome to another week of fabulous diving aboard the S/Y Fiji Siren. This week we had a very mixed group of divers from all over the world, some close and some far. We had a couple from the extended Siren Fleet family (Chris & Helen) joining us on their 4th Siren cruise and a few others doing their second journeys and even a couple joining for their first ever Siren trip. We had English, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Danish and American.

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Grey reef sharks gracefully negotiating their way amongst what must have literally been a smorgasbord for them

The Fiji Siren crew was very happy to welcome back ‘photo pro’ Mr Douglas Hoffman who was on-board conducting another underwater photography workshop throughout the cruise as well as a bunch of repeat guests!  To start our subsurface proceedings it was a quick hop over to our neighboring island, Nananu-I-Ra, where we got straight into the swing of things with a nice easy shake-down dive at Amazing Maze among myriads of swim-through adorned with beautiful gorgonian sea fans and of course no dive in Fiji would ever be complete without thousands upon thousands of colourful anthias.

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This was absolutely spectacular!

Bula once again from the Fiji Siren Crew! We kicked off the week diving in the Vatu Passage with a couple of mild dives to Mellow Yellow and Black Magic Mountain both hast slack tide making for a very easy spin around the pinnacles. We had a couple of reef sharks and barracuda float with us through the water. After three dives here we picked up the anchor and moved the Fiji Siren onwards to Wakaya Island.

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Dive, Eat, Dance and Laugh!

Once again we find ourselves greeting a new set of diver aboard the S/Y Fiji Siren, this time all were from Santa Barbara in the United States of America. This was to be one of the greatest cruises we have been on as all the guests were friends who had travelled together in one way shape or form. Some from diving and others in snow skiing. The crew realized not long after greeting these exceptional people that we were in for a big week of antics.


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Schools of 15 sharks and Mantas this week!

The Fiji Siren welcomed on board an eclectic group of divers all ready for their live aboard dive vacations in Fiji! We decided that the first day we should get out and dive once we reached the Vatu-I-Ra Passage with Howards Diner, a nice easy dive with minimal current to get all divers back in the water and comfortable with everything. We spent the evening on Anchor in the passage as we would be diving the very next day at this location.

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Manta City

Bright blue sky, little wind and exceptionally flat seas. This week was going to be a stellar week. For the first day of our cruise the tides decided it was best for us to stay on our mooring until the next morning then move out to the Vatu-I-Ra passage before sailing down to the Island of Gau.

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Beautiful corals everywhere!

The crew of the Fiji Siren was happy to welcome on board a new group of divers for a new diving adventure in Fiji! We kicked things off with Mellow Yellow and Black Magic Mountain. Both of these sites are similar apart from the fact they have completely different coloured soft corals. We split the teams in two and sent them each their own way. After breakfast we switched over and got the chance to dive the opposite site. For the last dive of the day, we dropped down into Coral Corner where we had  grey reef sharks circle around and a school of barracuda as well as plenty of nudibranch!

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The Fiji Siren is back to action!

The Fiji Siren  is happy to be back to action again!  We started our journey by moving down south to the island of Wakaya where we would have the very light currents and shallow reef top to get back into the swing of diving once again. Like always once everyone was comfortable and had all their weighting sorted out we continued on with our diving. Being the first time that we had been out to any of these sites since what happened, it was like going on a discovery mission albeit with knowing the path.


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Sun, corals and fish everywhere! This is what diving Fiji looks like

This Fiji Siren trip was special because one of our dive guides – Tomu – had their second baby the day before our departure! Congratulations Tomu!!!

Our first full day diving was out in Vatu-I-Ra where we had absolutely beautiful weather and a great set of divers to match! This time we had a great mix of divers from the UK, Australia, NZ and the United States. This was to be the making of a great cruise. Our first region for this cruise was to be Vatu-I-Ra. We hit Howard’s Diner for the first dive to check everyone out and get all our weighting sorted and get everything where it should be for the following dives.


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