Back to Visayas and Malapascua – macro, underwater action, tresher sharks and whale sharks!

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Back to Visayas and Malapascua – macro, underwater action, tresher sharks and whale sharks! 

After a period diving in Coron/Batangas, the Philippine Siren sailed back to Visayas and for this first trip of the year, we started in Malapascua! On our first day in Malapascua, we dove in Lapus Shallow and North Wall with pinnacles covered with soft corals were we spotted some frogfish and several types of nudibranchs. Then a muck dive in Evo Reef where we found seahorse, ghost pipefish, flamboyant cuttlefish and many other critters. On our sunset dive, we had the opportunity to watch the mandaring fish mating.

10311360 10202522535459381 4050509353923484649 nOn the next day, everybody was ready at 5 am to dive Monad Shoal to dive with the Thesher Sharks! After that, we travelled to Gato where we had some great dives! On the first one, we dove through a tunnel which lead under the island and finished on a nice wall covered with with soft coral. The highlight of the second dive was a group of cuttlefish with the female laying her eggs! Very close to some white tip sharks, frogfish etc. On our night, we saw 2 Spanish Dancers!!! Ole Ole!

Monad Shoal was again on our schedule to see the beautiful Thresher Sharks again! The second dive of the day was at Chocolate island where we all enjoyed all the nudibranchs and flatworms. For the last dive in Malapascua, we did Deep Rock, a pinnacle full of soft corals and where we found 2 Giant Frogfish!

 DSC3112On the next day, at Panagsama Beach, we had an amazing dive with a school of Sardines dancing above our heads. During the rest of the dives, we saw pygmy seahorses and some leaf scorpionfish. Some muck diving in Dauin was next on our schedule: thorny seahorses, common seahorses, painted frogfish, warted frogfish, wunderpus octopus, spiny devilfish, flamboyant cuttlefish and much much more

After some days in Dauin, the Philipinne Siren headed to Apo Island with its very healthy reefs full of soft and hard corals, thousands of anthias, red tooth triggerfish, banded sea snakes and turtles. At Coconut Point, we enjoyed a great drift dive over thousands of feather stars and schools of jacks and barracudas. For the night dive, we were back to Dauin where we looked again for small critters and found frogfish, scorpionfish, decorator crabs and bobtail squids

whalesharkThe next day, we woke up in Oslob where everybody was super excited to snorkel with the whale sharks! Time was to go to Balacisag for our other 3 dives of the day. The first dive was Black Forrest with a wonderful gently drift dive which a lot of life and all different species of Nembrothas. The dive in Diver’s Heaven was also a nice one with a lot of turtles!!! During the night dive on the big plateau of this same dive site, some divers had the opportunity to take some great pictures of the Blue Ringed Octopus.

In Cabilao, we made our dives in Talisay Tree, Gorgonian Wall and Lighthouse each of them was full of sea fan and gorgonians. After our night dive under the shore of Cambaquiz, we headed to Olinga Island.
Here in the backyard of Mactan, we made our 2 last dives. Very relaxing dives with beautiful soft corals on the wall and a lot of small things to look at! Perfect dives to finish this special trip!
Thank you every one for this great trip! We hope to see you soon on board the Siren Fleet!

Thresher sharks photo by Inde Onderwater

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