Beautiful corals everywhere!

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The crew of the Fiji Siren was happy to welcome on board a new group of divers for a new diving adventure in Fiji! We kicked things off with Mellow Yellow and Black Magic Mountain. Both of these sites are similar apart from the fact they have completely different coloured soft corals. We split the teams in two and sent them each their own way. After breakfast we switched over and got the chance to dive the opposite site. For the last dive of the day, we dropped down into Coral Corner where we had  grey reef sharks circle around and a school of barracuda as well as plenty of nudibranch!

Once we finished the dive, the Fiji Siren captain started the engines and got prepared for the journey south to Gau Island. We dropped anchor early in the morning right outside the Nigali Passage ready to dive later in the morning. Our first dive was the outer wall to the passage where we had multiple sharks by passing us along the reef. This was preempting for the following dives to come. The first dive through the Passage had a roaring current flowing through bringing out an absolute ton of sharks. All through the passage there was barracuda in schools. Upon reaching the bleachers there was little time to grab hold and duck out of the current. We sat on the bleachers for a good 15 minutes looking at the sharks roam around in the deep while red snapper swam in-between each and every one of us. At last as we drifted off to the end of the passage passing a school of black snapper and eventually drifting up and over the top to finish our dive at the massive section of Cabbage Coral.  For the night dive at Anthias Avenue, we had a couple of manta rays playing on the surface quite close to the boat.


The next day was to be in Wakaya, we had a hammerhead swimming parallel to the wall. After dive three it was time to head off north to Taveuni and the Somosomo Strait. The currents here were fairly string but this brought out all of the colours that this strait is famous for. We dived Rainbow’s End and Annies Bommies before settling down to dive the Great White Wall. For our second day in Taveuni we had dives to Fish Factory where we had a resident school of bannerfish that congregates at the top of the reef. Next we had the infamous Jerry’s Jelly. The colours here were spectacular! This site truly gives name to the Rainbow Reef! The afternoon brought us close to the island of Taveuni, allowing us a chance to visit the International Date Line.

hammer head 700

Our next three days were to be in Namena Marine Reserve. Upon descending into the blue of Grand Central, there was thousands of fish from schooling trevally to barracuda, sharks and even some tuna. In Kansas, it was great to see that a lot of the soft corals were still there blooming in the currents for all to see and there was even evidence of many soft corals starting to grow back! On dives to School House and Grand Central, we had hammerheads coming through schools of barracuda and trevally.

barracuda and trevally

The trip was sadly coming to an end as we approached E-6 and then finally Volivoli. It has been a wonderful cruise with some friends coming back to say hi. A special thank you to Tim And Traci for coming back to see us over here!
Vinaka Vakelevu!

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