Beautiful dives, professionalism and ‘cruisey’, just what you need whilst on a diving holiday in Fiji!

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Beautiful dives, professionalism and ‘cruisey’, just what you need whilst on a diving holiday in Fiji!

Once again the Fiji Siren Liveaboard embarked with a fresh set of divers and moved onward to where we would be spending the night. For a change we had the divers head out on a check-out dive to Amazing Maze as the sunset has become later in the day and would not be engulfing divers in the darkness like the case would have been over the winter months.


Leaving early morning for Vatu-I-Ra we plunged into Mellow Yellow to have a nice easy dive and finish sorting out any weighting issues as we added a couple more suits and changed some equipment around from the previous dive. Coming around the side of the pinnacle we found a small scorpion fish and we even managed to spot a couple of hawksbill sea turtles floating around feeding amongst the corals.

corals 700

Mid-afternoon we picked up anchor and move to Namena Marine Reserve where we would be spending two complete days before moving on to our next location. As always the reserve held some spectacular diving. We started out in the south on a site known as Ned’s Nuts. With all is soft coral and colour this was a great dive with a couple of leaf fish being seen and even a small shark swimming by. Directly after divers were aboard we shifted the siren to the northern passage where the afternoon would be spent diving on Grand Central; Station and Schoolhouse, both of which were named on this trip the number one spots! At School House we had quite a few grey reef sharks, a school of barracuda that was close enough to be seen but way too far for any photos, big tuna passing us, and then all the smaller life like the golden mantis shrimp. Schoolhouse lived up to its name with many different schooling fish including Jacks, bannerfish, and surgeon fish and of course barracuda.

barracuda2 700

Kicking off day two in the park we dropped into Black Forest and Chimneys in the south and we did the infamous ‘long run’ out to Grand Central for the last time. All being said, it was well worth the long run out!
In Wakaya, we dived the old favourite of Wakaya Wall and Vatu Vai. We had only a manta and about three white spotted eagle rays. Before leaving for Makogai we dropped into Lion’s Den for the night dive which had a turtle and many small critters out and some unique crabs and some beautiful coral out in the current. This was said to be the best night dive of the trip.

manta reef 700

At Makogai, we dived in at Dominoes, Halfpipe and Pinball. Each of these had tons of life and many corals. We had a few leaf fish roaming around the place also. While we were all getting ready for dinner, The Great Fiji Siren Rubber Band came up and did a casual set. As dinner got underway they decided to play some more quiet music but continue on. They played so much we dragged out the Kava bowl and had a couple of Bilo’s of Kava before heading away to bed.

many corals 700

As this was to be the last days diving come early morning we moved the Fiji Siren out to Vatu-I-Ra and E-6. The visibility was slightly down but this is still a spectacular dive with the Cathedral swim through and all the structure of the chimney. Last up we had Mount Mutiny.  As all divers returned there was one unmistakable fact. This is o magnificent dive spot with the Rainbow Soft Coral wall extending 150m in length and starting from very shallow to very deep.  As if that wasn’t the best thing we had whales swimming around in the distance with dolphins. All of which could be heard underwater. As we moved away from the last dive of the trip, a friendly humpback waved its fluke and about 10 dolphins came and playfully jumped about beside us trying to ride the Fiji Siren’s wake.  This made the journey home very enjoyable.

Group Shot

Like all good things they must come to an end and as such we were left standing on the boat waving goodbye after the Isa Lei had been sung and the crew had their final goodbyes to each person. This was a wonderful group of individuals and I am glad we had all of them on board with us. I look forward to any future endeavors together.
Vinaka Vake Levu to you all!!

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