Black Mantastic!

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The Indo Siren welcomed on board a group from Atmosphere Resorts. Many of them already dove with us in Komodo so the crew was happy to see them on board once again! Every was happy to start a new adventure diving in Raja Ampat! In the evening, the captain started sailing towards Misool.

After a smooth crossing, we started diving in Sagof with plenty of fish, yellow fin barracudas, bat fish and big crocodile fish. The afternoon dive was Wagmab Wall with many nudibranchs, walking shark and many lobsters. After the 3rd dive, we went for a lagoon tour where we even spotted a sting ray from the dinghy!


Next morning, we woke up in Wayil Batan. 4 dives in the area with medium currents already show us nurse shark, pigmy seahorses, comet fish, cuttle fish and turtles. Just before the night dive, some people took out the kayaks and others came with me on a lagoon tour with a stunning sunset. Perfect in time back for the night dive where we went to Barracuda Rock to see the night creatures.

stunning sunset

Following day we started with Dunia Kecil with big black coral bushes, lot of fish, pigmy seahorses and lot more. For the next dives,  we moved to Fiabacet and encountered zebra shark, black tip shark, orangutan crab, Napoleon wrasses  and stunning coral reefs. In the afternoon some of us visited Eco Misool while the night divers went out for a dive in Kalig Bay.

underwater raja ampat

Next on the schedule were Magic Mountain, Boo Windows and Yellit Besar. What a day! Many oceanic mantas, black mantas, sharks, schools of fish, wobbegong sharks, epaulette sharks, turtles and much more!
For last day of diving in the south of Raja Ampat, we started with Yellit Kecil, Nudi Rock and as a final Antichovey. What a beautiful finish with turtles , stunning gorgonians and soft coral, barracudas and all 3 sites were a real fish soup! After that, the captain started going north.

wobbegong high res

Once in the north of Raja Ampat, we did 3 stunning dives in Penemu. We saw mantas, wobbegong sharks, black tip sharks and beautiful hard coral reef. Before the night dive we went up the hill to watch over the Bintang Lagoon. After a short lagoon tour some guests went diving and some others went on the beach. The next day, we started with Citrus Ridge and Mangroves. For second dive, we found an incredible black Manta on the cleaning station. For the afternoon dives, we went to Aerborek.


Our last full day of diving started with Mioskon which as a real fish soup with  2 wobbegongs and schooling blue lined snappers greated a scenery  for  stunning pictures. Second activity on that day was the passage where the jungle drops to the ocean and the reef into the sky. Third dive at Friwen Wall offered many pigmy seahorses nudibranchs and flat worms. For the night dive, we repeated Friwen Wall formore seahorses, nudibranchs, flatworms, squid and walking sharks. Just incredible!

blue ring

To finish this incredible 10 night liveaboard cruise, we chose Sardine Reef and Cape Kri. Both dives were a fish soup with wobbegongs, black and white tip sharks, schooling fish and much more! What a stunning final!
Thank you every one for this incredible Raja Ampat diving liveaboard! We hope to see you soon!

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