Franco Banfi in Fiji

Franco Banfi in Fiji

21st June to 1st July 2016

S/Y Fiji Siren

Franco Banfi is a professional wildlife photographer and photo-journalist, well known for his expertise and accuracy in underwater imaging. Recently he has begun to diversify and is now leading photo expeditions and giving workshops and seminars about photography in different locations, in order to share his skills.

For many years he has been known in the industry for his versatility. He has meticulously documented many uncommon animals and locations as well as wildlife and human relationship with nature in environments from the Equator to the poles. His reports have been published in countless publications and renowned magazines around the world (including GEO, National Geographic, Animan, Focus, Red Bull magazine and Terre Sauvage).


1114164Franco is an award-winning photographer (World Champion in underwater photography in Cuba) and he regularly receives top honours from the more prestigious international photo-competitions such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY), Nature’s Best, International Conservation Photography Awards (ICP Awards), and the International Photography Awards (IPA).



1210043Franco is an Explorer of Ambassadors programme of Canon Europe and is a member of (International Environment Photographers Association) and Wild Wonders of Europe.

 You can learn more about Franco and his work at


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Douglas Hoffman in Fiji

Douglas Hoffman in Fiji

Fiji Siren – Beyond the Bligh, 2 – 12 October 2016

Douglas will return to Siren Fleet and accompany guests on board for a 10-night trip to Fiji, being on hand to give advice on the differing techniques that will be used throughout any dive trip. His presentations are delivered in such a way as to be appropriate for macro, wide-angle, compact and SLR photography. As an artist, Douglas believes much of the success with photography is related to envisaging the image prior to the dive to ensure you achieve the style of photo you were looking for and will spend time with guests to achieve these results. He will also accompany divers, giving assistance with composition and framing underwater.

After dives Douglas will sit with guests to review their photos, giving suggestions for improvement. This can be done individually or by making use of the plasma screen in the S/Y Fiji Siren’s lounge.

Each evening a round-table discussion is held for guests to focus on the issues that they may be experiencing during the dives. Guests are encouraged to voice their comments whether positive or negative to enable others to learn from the general knowledge and experience of the group.

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