Diving Komodo is always a blast!

The Indo Siren welcomed on board a group from Equator diving. So it was really nice to say hello again. On the first day we had plenty of time to get settled and sorted.

The first day of diving we started in Bima Bay with Unusual Suspects where our guest had already some great encounters: Wonderpus, seahorses, rhinopias, harlequin shrimp and much more were our encounters. During lunch, the liveaboard dive trip continued to Sandeang, where we started with  Black Sand and its colourful reefs.

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Blue Whales in Raja Ampat?

As most of the year it was a sunny day when the Indo Siren guests arrived in Sorong. At 10 am everybody was onboard and we had a first light breakfast and the welcome briefing. Then quick equipment setup and some paperwork and everybody could rest a bit and get some sleep after the overnight flight. After lunch and the mandatory lifejacket drill we just waited for the harbor clearance before heading off south towards Daram in the Misool Area. Beautiful weather and flat calm sea meant a relaxed crossing.


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Amazing Raja Ampat

The Indo Siren was ready for a great diving adventure in Raja Ampat! From day one we had wobbegong sharks, walking sharks, cuttlefish and more.  The next day started off with Cape Kri , followed by Blue Magic and Sardines. Today was a “fishy” day with schooling fusiliers and trevallies, big schools of barracudas and snappers, whilst close to the reef black and white tip reef sharks cruised along. For the night dive we moved a little bit west and checked out the reef close to the Village of Sauwanderak.

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