Celebrations & Diving in the Philippines

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Celebrations & Diving in the Philippines

group-pic-PH-CBA-02-13-15Warm weather and flat seas greeted our guests of The Philippine Siren for our next adventure in Coron/Batangas. Coming from Canada, Australia, USA, Germany and UK everyone was aboard by 3pm and with a welcome drink from Maureen and Noel in their hand, it was time for aquick boat briefing and tour and to set up the dive gear.

donna--matt-honeymooners-6The first day we made three reef dives and one more in Barracuda Lake close to Coron town and at night it was already time for celebration for honeymooners Donna & Matt Chef Jimmy prepared a delicious heart shape cake for all to enjoy and our lovers enjoyed a complimentary bottle of wine too!


fish coral DSC7303The wrecks were waiting for us for the next day with Kogyu Maru, Tangat and Lusong Gunboat were the choices, giving plenty of schooling fish and also some macro life. We saved my favourite wrecks, Akitsushima and Okikawa Maru for the following day. Diving the Okikawa twice to fully appreciate all that she has to offer; the nudibranch hotel on the port side, the coral gardens in the shallow areas, the schooling fish on the bow, and our resident turtle. After the night dive the yacht moved to anchorage at Dimipac island. Where we would spend the next day.

blueringDimipac offers a good mix between healthy corals and sandy bottom with amazing muck diving. All the divers were aware about the chance to see any dugong, but this time didn’t show up, lucky divers Jane & Chris had seen this on a previous excursion so could attest they really do exist!. Waiting for our group were the two baby flamboyant cuttlefish, numerous ornate ghost pipe fish, robust, cockatoo wasp fish, different snake eels and the first blue ring octopus this trip.
The following 2 were spent diving in Apo Reef. Pretty walls, gorgonians, sharks were all expected and we were not disappointed. We also made a new dive in Manta Point. We didn’t see any manta but we saw the biggest white tip sharks of the trip and there was time for a land visit on Apo Major to see the lighthouse and the lagoon, were some of our guests spotted a baby manta ray!

happy-australian-day-3Heading north to Batangas we stopped the day after in Caban Island, to dive in Kirby’s Rock, were Donato found two tiny yellow pygmy bargibanti seahorses, and in Layag-Layag, where we found again a giant grey frog fish with reddish spots. Moving to Mabini peninsula, already in Anilao, everybody enjoyed either looking for small macro life such as xeno crab, pink squat lobster & nudibranchs whcih are commonly seen here, or just seeing the schools of yellow tail barracudas, red tooth trigger fish and other reef fish swimming around. For the night dive Anilao Pier never disappoints! Bobbit Worm, Stargazers, Flatheads, Coconut Octopus and varieties of snake eels, were all seen. That night we celebrated Australia Day…. All of us were called Sheila or Bruce, whilst Jimmy prepared a „barbie“ and a special cake. In true Aussie fashion we finished with all the stock of cold beers, in spite of the efforts from Noel to keep the fridge full! 😉

Mimic-octoTime flies but we still had time to dive Secret Bay. A trip highlight with so many things to see! Mimic octopus, different kind of ghost pipe fish, flying gurnard, seahorses, dragonets, stone fish… This is the muck diving paradise. Then we moved to Sombrero Island for 2 pleasant dives at Beatrice Rock and Coral Garden. Lots of tubastrea coral, pretty blue/pink soft coral and hard corals made for a perfect day.


SUNSET-IN-APO-pic-Jane-DaviesLast diving day we decided to revisit Secret Bay and finished off our liveaboard safari diving Twin Rocks, where the big school of big eyes jacks, baby yellow tail barracudas, ribbon eels and many other critters were waiting for us. Amazing end for an amazing diving trip! Our final afternoon spent on board enjoying a massage and watching the trip slideshow but it was too soon time to pack.. We hope to see you again soon at your home from home, the Philippine Siren!


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