Sharks, Rays, Wrecks and Critters

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Sharks, Rays, Wrecks and Critters…

Nurse-sharksIts super-special Christmas and New Year trip for this next dive adventure aboard the Maldives Siren. We welcomed our guests from Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and the US and after all were settled in, briefings completed and dive gear set up we headed out in the dhoni to Kurumba House Reef for our check dive; a nice easy dive to start us off with a few little critters and sightings of eagle ray and white tips for our rebreather divers. The rough Seas outside the Atoll meant we opted to stay within Mal for a further two dives at Maagiri Cave and Fedo Wall before catching the south tide to reach South Ari Atoll with an overnight crossing. Despite the oncoming storm the visibility for the dives was good (25m / 90ft) and we spotted moray eels, nurse sharks and a couple more white tips.

NudibranchWe arrived in Ari Atoll the following morning and spent the next 3 days diving in the Machafushi area due to some issues with our main engine. Luckily we had the Dhoni and were still able to hit up some of the great dives in the area; Kudimaa Wreck, Dhigura Arches, Kudara Thila, Five Rocks, Broken Rocks. On each dive we saw a plethora of white tip and grey reef sharks, numerous moray eels, stingrays, turtles, tuna and surgeon fish as well as plenty of smaller critters from ghost pipefish and leaf fish to stone fish, octopus and nudibranchs.

ClownyOn the morning of December 28 we sailed south to Maamigili where we had the chance to snorkel and dive with a whale shark before we crossed over to the eastern atoll of Vaavu for a night dive at the Alimathaa Jetty with all the hunting action of nurse sharks, trevallys, stingray and moray eels. As we made our way southwards we dived Miyura Kandu seeing grey reef and white tips reef sharks. Other dives this day included Golden Wall, Anbara Thila and Rakeedhoo Giri. Rakeedhoo Kandu was our early morning dive on the 30th and many bumphead parrot fish were seen as well as some friendly Napoleon wrasse. Then it was time to leave Vaavu and head into Meemu Atoll.

manta rayWe dived at Dhigaru and Hakurah Thila delighting in sightings of eagle rays, white tips, moray eels and fields of garden eels and followed up with an exploratory night dive at Veyvah Giri; finding a field of staghorn corals and a very pristine reef! The next morning we moved via Ashaa Giri to Kurali Kandu to visit the manta cleaning station in the middle of the channel. The divers were all rewarded with 2 mantas as well as a few titan trigger fish– which we successfully managed to avoid. Returning from our night dive we found dolphins at play in the lights at Fahala Giri, they stayed for much of the evening so this was a real treat for us all and a super way to see in the New Year!

The following morning we made our last 2 dives of the trip- but our first dives of 2014!!! Dhiamigili Kandu and Guraidhoo Corner, each had decent visibility and a medium strength current and whilst we didn’t see any hammerheads which can visit here we did get to spend our New Year’s Day dives with schools of jacks, nurse shark, mobula rays, stingrays and a few nudibranchs too. After which it was time to kick back and relax as we cruised to Kadhoo, Laaum Atoll. The crew hoisted the sails for extra speed and of course the photo opportunity. What a great way to spend an afternoon 🙂 Thanks everyone and see you again soon!

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