Dive Fiji! This week 10 Grey reef sharks!

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Dive Fiji! This week 10 Grey reef sharks!

The Fiji Siren was ready to dive the Fijian waters once again! As soon as all the guests were on board we lifted anchor and set off on the long overnight journey to Gau where we would have our first dives of the trip. Our first dive this trip was to Jims Alley. We ran into a banded sea snake twisting and turning past us and eventually hiding in a small hole and finished the dive hanging over a nice soft coral garden for our safety stop. We followed this dive with one to Anthias Avenue then 2 dives through the Nigali Passage for the sharks to come out. When we jumped in and looked down there was 10 Grey Reef sharks roaming around underneath. Drifting through we saw many other fish including Big eye Barracuda and trevally. For the second dive a small snack was brought out to entice the sharks and fish to come a little closer.

DSC 2340Our next stop was to Wakaya island. Arriving at Dawn in time to see the sun rise let us relax the morning away until we took the plunge on Lion’s Den which had a couple of small Grey Reef Sharks and lots of virant healthy soft corals littering the rock face. Shortly after we dropped everyone at Vatu Vai to try and get a manta. Sadly not manta came but that did not stop this dive from being good. We found a few Nudibranch, a blue scorpion fish and an older looking winged pipefish among many other things.

As soon as the third dive was over we departed the island and turned our noses to Taveuni. Being many people come to Taveuni to see the Great White Wall it was well timed that we could schedule this twice for this trip. We were spending three days diving in and around Taveuni’s rainbow reef. On the first day we started with an earlier than normal dive out to the Great White Wall at 7am where we would be seeing the fluorescent white soft coral wall as we drifted past. We then travelled north for our next two dives at Rainbow’s end & Blue Ribbon Reef.

White-WallThe next day, the Great White Wall was again on our schedule then travelled to Jack’s Place and Annie’s Bommies followed by a night dive to Mini Cabbage Patch. Our final day in Taveuni had us doing two dives, one to Nuku’s Reef and the other to Fish Factory.

Fiji-boatThe Fiji Siren departed to Namena. We had 12 dives to do in Namena giving us a great chance to explore lots of great spots Black Forest was our first which we ended up diving twice in the time we were in the area and Grand Central Station which we ended up doing three times! This is a huge site and we could have easily dived it many more times to see everything there is to offer at this wondrous place. We also covered Chimneys, School House and Neds Nuts, all of which are covered in both soft and hard corals and are a sight to see. For our night dives in Namena we did the Namena Beach Wreck, Nemo and even the back beach of the island as we anchored over there for a night. Waking up the last day, we dove the famous E-6 for both of our final dives, the second one bringing in all the sunlight to the Cathedral area.

Thank you to all of you, it was a fantastic trip and I hope that sometime in the future we meet again! Vinaka Vake Levu to you all!

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