Diving Tubbataha to Southern Visayas with S/Y Philippine Siren

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Diving Tubbataha to Southern Visayas with S/Y Philippine Siren

jessie beazley10 2We left Puerto Princessa (Palawan) on the 26th of May for our 14 day liveaboard dive safari to Tubbataha National Marine Park followed by the Southern Visayas, ending the cruise at our home port in Cebu. Both destinations offer spectacular diving, Tubbataha thrills with big pelagic and large fish schools and Southern Visayas is known for its abundance of reef fish and macro life.

cagayancillo1On this trip we had a very international group on board, with customers from Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, USA, UK and Bahrain. Soon everybody settled in and once again the bow of the boat seemed to be the place to be… Almost everybody was hanging out on the comfortable cushions with a nice cold beer or a good glass of red wine, laughing, chatting and getting to know each other. …and no matter what the topic was (quantum physics, dive stories, spirituality) one thing was for sure: We would never run out of laughter, especially with Frits & Katrien, Brenda & Terry, Claus & Nadine, Caroline & Guerric and John! James & Nellie and Connie were found most of the time in the dining are or enjoying the Salon, chatting or watching a movie. Sorry Nellie that Bruce Willis was on strike, but Chocolat was indeed very nice!

shark airport53Our diving started in Tubbataha National Park (one of only two strictly marine UNESCO World heritage sites worldwide).The reefs are absolutely stunning with a wide abundance of soft and hard corals, huge gorgonian fans and very large table corals. The fish life on the walls is truly breathtaking and we had some fantastic marine life encounters: Great Hammerhead, Nurse Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Schools of Giant Trevally, Barracudas (Chevron + Yellow Tail), Big Eye Jacks, Blue Fin Trevally, and Sweetlips. Big Dogtooth Tunas, Napoleon Wrasse, Rainbow Runners, Moray Eels, Lobster, Squirrel Fish, Brown Marbled Groupers, Hawksbill + Green Turtles, large Schools of Humphead Parrot Fish and so much more…

Boluarte3Leaving Tubbataha after 6 days of amazing diving, we conducted our crossing to the Southern Visayas region and arrived in Dauin the day after. Dauin spoiled us with truly amazing black sand dives and an abundance of critters: Giant and small Frogfish in almost every color, Seahorse, Cuttle Fish, Robust & Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Finger Dragonets, Stargazers, Flying Gurnard, Octopus, Moray Eels and a huge variety of Shrimp and Crabs, are only a few to mention. But Southern Visayas is not only known for black sand diving, it offers also a huge variety of beautiful reef dives and an abundance of reef and schooling fish. Beautifully grown walls, slopes and shallow plateaus guarantee amazing dives, and our divers were able to enjoy a large variety of marine life: Colorful Nudibranchs in all forms and shapes, Schools of Humphead Parrot Fish, Big Mouth Mackerels and Barracudas, Black Banded Sea Snakes, Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles, Moray Eels, all sorts of Pipefish, Lion and Scorpion Fish and Octopus are only a few of the usual suspects, not to forget the variety of Shrimp and Crabs which can be seen on almost every dive, especially on the night dives…

Pescador33Throughout our trip and between all dives we were spoiled with delicious meals or snacks, not to forget the entertaining meal briefing from our two chefs Jimmy and Boy. ….Let’s begin first one: Philippine steam rice…followed by: what are you waiting for!!! Also a lot of relaxing opportunities were given between the dives, either in the comfy Salon, outside on the dining area or on our large sundeck, reading books, editing pictures or simply having a nap. A truly enjoyable Trip!

Thanks to you all for making this trip so much fun and I hope to see you all again in the future!!!



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