Diving Fiji always leaves divers speechless!

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Diving Fiji always leaves divers speechless!

The Fiji Siren gave a big welcome to Bruce, Richard, and the big bunch of divers from Reef Photo and Video. All very excited to dive Fiji! As soon as all were on board and luggage checked, we dropped anchor and got straight out into the open waters of the Bligh waters.


To kick things off the first dive of the cruise was to be the Nigali Outer Wall. Nice open-ocean on one side, and a big sweeping hard coral reef on the other.  While swimming on past the reef there were a couple of eagle rays spotted in the distance along with a small reef shark .The second dive was the inner wall of the Nigali stretch. This produced three eagle rays, a gigantic school of barracuda and lots of small reef fish. With the morning dives completed it was a quick bit to eat, then drop straight back into the Nigali Passage. As we dropped into the water there was a silhouette of a few sharks then out of nowhere there was about 10. As we drifted to the bleachers, we spied a small group of big eye barracuda and as we reached the bleachers there was the big school of big eye trevally. To finish the dive we all drifted off into the current and parted a sea of black snapper and flew passed a wall of soft coral to end up at the most green cabbage coral ever for our safety stops.

barracuda 700

Heading back up the north of Fiji our next stop was to be Wakaya Island. We would be spending the day here then moving to Makogai for the night. The first dive we had all anticipated to see manta rays but we ended up with a friendly hammerheads that not only passed group one at Vatu Vai but skimmed passed a couple of divers over at Lion’s Den . We also managed to see some Spanish mackerel and a few other free swimming fish to compliment the smaller fish sitting along the walls of Wakaya.

hammer head 700

We decided to have a slight change of plan and move the Fiji Siren slightly earlier so we could fit in a visit to the village at Makogai while the children were still there as the next day was to be a Saturday. We spent the day diving around Makogai at the small sites of Halfpipe, Pinball and Dominoes. Afternoon had us moving the boat out to Taveuni over the long drive through the Koro Sea. We had two days up in the waters of Taveuni to explore the Rainbow Reef , the Great White Wall, Annie’s Bommies and Jerry’s Jelly. All were great dives with a good mix of shallow coral reefs and a couple of white tips floating around in the distance.

rainbow reef diver

The last big move of the cruise was to Namena Marine Reserve. We had dives at Black Forest and Ned’s the first morning with us switching over on day two here. For the afternoons, we spent our time over in the North at the Northern Passage diving The Arch and Grand Central Station. We had a gentle current on most dives. Even with this slow moving current we had schools of barracuda and jacks a plenty. Everywhere you looked, there were jacks. There were plenty of great shots taken on these dives. It was very hard not to finds something to keep divers happy at this spot. In total we had three glorious days in the Marine Reserve.

white coral

As a last day, we had E-6 and Mount Mutiny. E-6 was just divine with the grotto section (cathedral) and all the small fish hanging around with the perfect amount of sea fans and colour to ensure this site stays remembered. For the very last dive of the cruise we had Mount Mutiny. This had divers at the end speechless after diving for over an hour on the Rainbow Wall section finding a cuttlefish and obviously the blatant amount of colour on the corals.

pink corals

Great trip form the guys and Gals at Reef Photo & Video!!!! Vinaka Vakelevu!

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