Diving Fiji in German!

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Diving Fiji in German!

This week the Fiji Siren had on board a group from Tauchertraum all ready to dive in Fiji as soon as possible! So, we hauled up the anchor and made way toward Wakaya Island, our first destination for this cruise. Upon waking up everyone found us anchored in a nice bay outside the private Island residence of Wakaya. The sun was yet to come for us but we would have some great dives either way.


The first dive was to be Wakaya Wall. This was our check out dive to get all weighting issues sorted out and new equipment played with. We had plenty of corals to look at and a lot of small reef fish on this dive. We finished up with dives to Vatu Vai and Lion’s Den where we had grey reef sharks, white tips, moorish idols and tons of anthias. One group was lucky enough to have a hammerhead swim passed on Lion’s Den and then the same group happened upon some manta ray the very next dive.

hammer head 700 

As the evening wore on, we moved out to our next location to save from any night moving. This was only a short 2 hour drive north to Makogai island where we visited the village and met the locals and dance while the children made a small dance spectacle for everyone.

Next on the schedule was Taveuni. We spent a total of three days in the Somosomo straight beside Taveuni diving on the famous Rainbow Reef. This location was ideal as we had plenty of dive sites to choose from. We thought we would start things off here with a nice easy dive in at Fish Factory, where there is a big school of banner fish and enough hard corals to keep everyone happy. The following dive was to Annies Bommies and the out to The Great White Wall. All divers like this so much we placed this site on the list for the next day. All of the luminescent white soft corals were out blooming and on top of the wall there were colours galore with a couple of rock-mover wrasse throwing around some rubble looking for their next meal.

IMG 3557

On day two in Taveuni, we dived into Coral Garden, one which has an abundance of soft and hard corals leading to the cause of its name. From here it was a very gentle drift along the Purple Wall looking at more of the blooming soft corals, and then eventually finishing up the day dives at the Great White Wall.

Great White Wall 700

We moved out of the strait and carried the Fiji Siren liveaboard onwards to Namena Marine Reserve. The first dive site we dove was School House as it is filled with many schools of fish including, barracuda, bannerfish, surgeon fish, trevally and 4-5 grey reef sharks making a special appearance. After dives to Ned’s and Black Forest we had a bit of an announcement to make. It was a special day for two people. We had two birthdays on the same day! Happy Birthday once again to Sandra and Conny!! We had the chef bake not one, but two cakes!, one each with a sparkler for good measure.

Capt Sai B day

We jumped in to one more magnificent day in the Namena marine park before sailing on down to Vatu-I-Ra to finish up the amazing cruise that this was. Sadly when it came to the end we did not want anyone to get off, the crew making some great new friends and wanting them all to stay. With one last song from the Band it was time to step off and send everyone down to their next dive destination, Beqa Lagoon in the south of Fiji for more sun and sharks!

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