Diving in Fiji under the full moon

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Bula All! The Fiji Siren welcomed on board a group of happy divers all very exicted to start their liveaboard dive trip in Fiji! The weather forecasts were looking impeccable so we shot off first thing to go and enjoy a dive out to Amazing Maze to get us started. This was a great start with the site covered in soft corals and many of the swim through having big sea fans over the entrances and the inner walls littered with coral. We decided to stay out in Vatulaca Reef for the evening and dive this area once more to enjoy the pleasingly light currents and abundance of colourful corals.

We kicked off day two with dives to Breath Taker, The Pinnacles and Dream Maker. We had small schools of barracuda, a small shark or two, some tuna and plenty of soft coral. Both Breath Taker and The Pinnacles have a massive part of their sites pretty much all covered in Yellow soft corals. On the Top of The Pinnacles we found a large octopus hiding away. We thought this was a great find as it is this time of year for the octopus to come out breeding. Upon closer inspection there were actually 6 big octopus in various holes but all in close proximity to each other, so needless to say this safety stop took a rather long time to complete as we all went hunting for more of these guys. We managed a night dive out to Bula Maker that has soft coral reef, which means there are always plenty of crustaceans crawling around at night and this time even a giant moray roaming looking for food. 


Our next stop was Vatu-I-Ra and out to the Wondrous sites of Mellow Yellow and Black Magic Mountain. Here we received more yellow soft corals, sea whips and billions of anthias. As the full moon approached we started to get some stronger currents, which had the corals out and blooming. One of our resident Anemones at Black Magic finally had the return of its population of Peacock anemone shrimp, of which there are about 10 on this one anemone. We also had big schools of fusiliers and surgeonfish. 

After a day out here, we moved the Fiji Siren off to Namena Marine Reserve where we would be spending 2 full days diving the depths. Once the Marine Park tags had been attached to the divers we dropped into the south for some more great colours and small life before moving out to the North to check out School House to see if we could find some big life. We had another day here looking for our Blue Ribbon Eel at Black Forest and then a dive through Chimney’s finishing with a dive to Grand Central Station. This site I believe was classed as the best dove of the trip as in one dive while drifting along the wall we spotted abut 7-8 Grey Sharks, a giant school of Big-eye Trevally, Multiple Schools of different Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel and tuna that were twice the size of any shark in the region. Add a splash of corals and we have a winner. From here it was Taveuni and the Great White Wall. After a night dive around Koro Island we picked up the anchor and moved off back to Namena for one more day and of course another stop at Grand Central Station one more time.

We started our trek south down to Wakaya Island. Here we dived all wall dives looking for many things. We entered Vatu Vai, where over the last two weeks we have started to see Ghost Pipe Fish turn up. There is currently three Robust Ghost Pipe Fish sitting on the sea floor side-by-side. At Blue Ridge we hunted for Leaf Scorpion Fish and were fortunate enough for a grey reef shark to sweep by and at Lion’s Den, we had Lion Fish, Leaf Scorpion Fish and the smallest Sea Moth ever.

blue ribbon eel

Our last day of diving, we did 2 dives at E-6. The first we had a nice school of Barracuda and some skip jack tuna. We had a good look through the Cathedral making sure to stay shallow and look around the top where all the yellow soft corals are and all the small swim through are also.
Another great trip came to an end. Thank you to all four of the guests it was great to meet you. I hope we cross paths again somewhere. Vinaka Vakelevu.

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