Diving in paradise

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Upon agent request, this week the Indo Siren guests embarked the liveaboard in Cape Kri, where they already enjoyed a couple of days diving. After a quick orientation, they were already ready to continue diving Raja Ampat! The trip couldn’t start better with a couple of mantas diving with us on the first dive! Then at Aerborek Jetty, we had some amazing creatures such bobtail squid, pipe fish, pigmy seahorse and much more.


Next on our diving schedule was Citrus Ridge in Yanggefo. As half of the group were snorkelers, we decided to do some snorkeling! What a better place to do it than Kabui Passage which connect Halmahera Sea with Kabui Bay. Historical Russel Wallace explored this passage as one of the first westerners. It’s amazing how the jungle nearly drops into the ocean and we were drifting through this passage with bird sounds.
For the night dive, we chose the Jetty which showed us bobtail squid, frogfish and two wobbegong sharks.


In Kawe Island, we had big fish and 4 mantas! In the evening we head back to Penemu and Fam Islands where the visibility was incredible good and our divers could enjoy the incredible scenery of the hard and soft coral reefs! It was an explosion of colors! In the afternoon, we went for the hilltop in Penemu for the incredible view of the Bintang ( Star) Lagoon.
In the evening, we set sails and moved all the way down to Misool area. After 14 hours crossing we arrived in Farondi area. Mobulas, caves, beautiful corals and amazing reef formations were waiting for us!

marin coral nemo

In Wayil Batan, our divers enjoyed 3 amazing dives with many pigmy seahorses, gorgonians and many different nudibranchs. In the evening we went to a beach and enjoyed a few Bintang and Gin and Tonics.

group with kathy

Next was Fiabacet where we had black tip sharks, Napoleons and many more in Nudi Rock and Whale Rock. Today the visibility and current just provided ideal conditions for our guests. For the night dive we had 4 walking sharks, 2 turtles and a huge porcupine fish among others!
The high light of the following day in Warakaraket was for sure Magic Mountain! 4 mantas playing around us and a huge amount of fish.

mantas in raja ampat 02

In Daram, we had the best dive we could have to finish this incredible week diving in paradise! Schooling batfish, fusiliers, yellow fin barracuda and mosaic boxer crab exposing themselves to our cameras.

group p

Thanks everyone for this amazing week! It wouldn’t have been the same without you! We hope to see you soon!

grcr in raja ampat

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