Diving in Raja Ampat is much better than diving in an aquarium!

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The Indo Siren liveaboard dive trip in Raja Ampat started in the Dampier Strait. Around the island of Mioscon and at Blue Magic, we found loads of hunting fish like wahoo, giant trevally and dog tooth tuna attacking schools of yellow snapper and neon fusiliers as well as wobbegong shark and oceanic manta on our very first day! At Sardine Reef and Cape Kri, we had schools of great barracuda, blue fin trevally, giant trevally and red tooth triggerfish.

In the Penemu area of Raja Ampat, the chosen dive sites were Melissa’s Garden, Rainbow Wall and Ruva’s Island. Among the stunning hard coral seascape of Melissa’s Garden some of our divers stumble upon a school of 10 juvenile gray reef sharks! 

Time for some muck diving at the Island of Batanta! Rhinopias weedy scorpion fish x4!, scargasim frog fish x8!, thorny seahorse x3, indian walkman, spearing mantis shrimp, dwarf cuttlefish, cow fish, and ornate ghost pipe fish were just a few of the bizarre and beautiful creatures we found.

At Babulol area, No Contest and Love Potion were two pinnacles swarming with schools of fish and covered in beautiful gorgonian sea fans and coral life. From there, we checked out the underwater caves at Farondi where we found the ever popular electric clam before continuing our journey south.

At Misool and Fiabacet, the dive sites  Nudi Rock, Fiabacet Pinnacle and Whale rock supported some of the most amazing hard and soft coral gardens in Raja Ampat! If that wasn’t enough, we also had schools of big eye trevally and yellow tail barracuda.

As we already know, pinnacles act as a magnet drawing in all the fish life! Magic Mountain is not an exception!  This site is a real soup soup! With oceanic manta, black tip reef shark, hump head maori wrasse, stone fish, schools of jacks, schools of bat fish and millions of fusiliers! Much better than diving in an aquarium! ON the night dive, on the same dive site we found the endemic raja epaulet shark!

For our last day of diving we chose the Sagof area where we dived Two trees and Baby Rock to enjoy for the last time some bargibanti pygmy seahorses.
Thank you very much all for this great trip! We hope to see you soon on board!


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