Diving Komodo, Mantas, Grey reef sharks, Komodo Dragon and more…

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Diving Komodo, Mantas, Grey reef sharks, Komodo Dragon and more…

IS-KO-09-11-briefingAfter our fourteen American and Australian guests enjoyed the ‘welcome cocktail’ and took a first look around the yacht, we proceeded to the general briefing and introduction of our fantastic Indonesian crew. Keen to get into the water, everybody chose to skip lunch and go directly for the first dive of the trip at the Unusual Suspects. This awesome muck dive has some of the best critters around Indonesia: seahorses, ornate pipefish, nudibranchs, sea mouth, inachus crabs, anemone and coral shrimps, mysids and crabs on soft coral, lots of razor fishes Hot chocolate and towels were waiting with Dianne and Anne our hostess on board, when we made our return.


IS-KO-09-11-diverSecond day we enjoyed again Unusual Suspects. Almost better than the day before, we found frogfishes, crocodile snakes and the usual inhabitants of this nice place. We spent the rest of the day sailing to Gili Banta in order to do our first formal night dive in The Circus, for a macro life explosion; ocellated porcelain crab on a huge sea cucumber, star gazers, giant flounders mating, hunting lion fishes, bobtail squids to name but a few. In the morning of day three, dolphins came to say hello while we were making the dive briefing & this got us all really excited as we jumped in at Coral Garden. On the sandy area the cameras and video cameras were working hard with macro life as well as with these so special rays of sun coming on shallow waters early in the morning. Crystal Rock. Zero current, big schools of surgeon fishes, cleaning stations around, and our first sharks of this 10 night safari; two big white tip and grey reef sharks. Gun and Agus prepared a nice Italian lunch and after a short nap we did a third dive at Castle Rock. Again the sharks come to visit around on the end of the dive. As expected, Shotgun was pure adrenaline, with a big manta ray flying along the reef with us.

IS-KO-09-11-komodoDragonOur fourth day started with more big fish action again at Castle Rock. Five white tip sharks were around but a little shy. Then we moved to Batu Bolong looking for a relaxed dive on the protected side of this small island on the middle of the sea. In the afternoon we made a short trek to see Komodo Dragons & take a break from our diving exertions! Our goal, however, for the sunset dive at Dragon Besar was obvious to see the mandarin fishes. We found so many that everybody enjoyed, even some of our costumers caught a couple mating! After a delicious dinner all of us move to the luxury saloon to see a slide show made for all photographers showing the good work they were doing.
groupPicturesIS-KO-09-11After lifting the anchor and a short cruise, the cold waters of Nusa Kode received us with a perfect dive in Cannibal Rock, so perfect than our guests in popular pronouncement decided to repeat for the next. This time the target was to find a giant grey frog fish sighted on the dive before, but we found a new one, pink color and also big big. We spent the rest of the afternoon taking some pics of the Komodo dragons, wild pigs, deer and monkeys from the safety of the dinghy & made a relaxing night dive at ‘Torpedo Alley’ the perfect ending for the day. Our guest Tim Blanton made a great presentation with video images from the past dives.
In South Komodo we did three IS-KO-09-11-guestOndinghydives at Manta Alley. On the first one, around fourteen huge manta rays were feeding in the channel and in the last one we had a wondrous spectacle in the shallow waters with loops included. Day seven we started with a relaxing dive on Pinisi wreck. The light was perfect and everybody enjoyed with the batfishes and juvenile fish life. After lunch some of our guests enjoyed professional massages provided from our therapists Anne and Dianne along with two more dives in Pink Beach. Coming north direction we repeated Batu Bolong, but this time early in the morning. In Tatawa Kecil one big black tip shark came along the reef to visit us and in Tatawa Besar we enjoyed diving with two mantas that decided to join our group! On the afternoon our dinghy drivers, Mimpy and Suki brought our customers to shoot some pics and videos of mantas on surface in GLD Bay. The place for night dive was Shotgun reef.
IS-KO-09-11-sailingIndoLast day of diving & Captain Daeng woke up very early to bring us again to another bite of paradise; the black sandy sites of Sangeang Island were waiting for us. The Estuary and Hot Rocks put the final touch to an awesome trip. In the afternoon we did the ‘Sails up’ and all aboard enjoyed a cruise on our luxury five star Liveaboard S/Y Indo Siren. Welcome back to Bima where this story started!


Photos by Eva Villagrasa and Tim Blanton




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