Diving the Southern Visayas of the Philippines means great macro, corals, whale sharks and thresher sharks!

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Diving the Southern Visayas of the Philippines means great macro, corals, whale sharks and thresher sharks!

The Philippine Siren Liveaboard was once again ready to welcome on board a group of enthusiastic divers. All very excited to dive the Southern Visayas of Philippines!

First stop, Cabilao! The dive sites around Cabilao had amazing corals, where we found painted frogfish, lionfish, juvenile harlequin sweetlips and many nudibranchs. There were four ‘die hards’ who came back from the night dive at Cambaquiz saying that there was too much to see because everybody could point out crazy creatures at the same time.


The next day we dove the gorgeous dive sites of Balicasag. At Cathedral, where we made our early morning dive, we saw a giant green turtle, ambon walker, crocodile fish, bobtail cuttlefish, snake eel, porcelain crab, juvenile oriental sweetlips and a black blue dragon. Divers Haven was seen by many guests as their best dive of their lives. And Black Forest with its nembrotha nudibranchs probably their second best.

The day after, the guests got the chance to dive with whale sharks in Oslob; they were greeted by five medium-large whale sharks. The rest of the day we did some incredible muck dives at Dauin. The black volcano sand and the artificial reefs are the habitat for the most fascinating creatures like Thorny seahorse, flamboyant cuttlefish, ambon walker, frogfish, waspfish, shorttail pipefish, cowfish and juvenile harlequin sweetlips. And during the night dive at San Miguel we even saw a stargazer and a very cute bobtail cuttlefish.

dive with whale sharks 2

The astonishing coral walls of Apo Island were on the menu for the next morning. The scenery was amazing and we spotted turtles everywhere. Between the dives we enjoyed the nice view on this laid-back island. After three dives at Apo we headed back to Dauin for another spectacular night dive at San Miguel.

The following diving day through the Visayas,  we spent it  muck diving Dauin again. The dive sites Atmosphere House Reef, Pyramids and Ceres brought us robust ghost pipefish, ornate ghost pipefish, a giant stone fish, flatworms, razor fish, sea horses, orbicular burr fish and an abundance of funny and odd-looking shrimps and crabs. Most of the guests ended a fine day with a sunset cocktail at the lovely Atmosphere resort and a few did a night dive on their great house reef.

colour reef

Next on the schedule were the beautiful waters of tiny Pescador Island. This small island is well known for the dramatic steep walls and abundance of corals. Giant frog fishes and their clumsy up-side-down hiding brought smiles to most diver’s faces, whilst plenty of bearded scorpion fishes amazed us with their ability to camouflage themselves and unusual big size.

The next morning, we were lucky to dive with huge schools of sardines in front of the coast of Moal Boal, Cebu Island at the dive site Panagsama Beach. After some smart calculation, we came to an estimated number of seven million Sardines!!!

pescador island8 700

Everyone was excited dive get up pretty early the next morning to dive with the Thresher sharks of Malapascua at Monad Shaol. At Gato Island, we found a huge black hairy frogfish and Chocolate Island hosted an outstanding night dive. At this shallow dive site we saw a huge cuttlefish, starry night octopus amongst many other types of octopuses, pleuronudibranchs, sea hares, scorpionfish, tiger cowries, t-bar nudibranchs, cowfish, leaf scorpionfish, actually too many things to mention. There was always something moving within one square meter.

Thresher sharks
The last two dives were at Kalanggaman Wall. This tiny romantic island was the place for our lovely beach barbeque where we had great tropical showers and also good fun. And so our guests’ adventure with the Philippine Siren happily ended. Thank you everyone for this great trip! We hope to see you soon on board!!!

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