Do you want to dive in a fish soup?

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The Indo Siren is happy to welcome 16 guests from America, UK , Sweden and Italy. All ready to dive Raja Ampat! After the first orientation everybody had some time to rest and adjust. In the afternoon we got everything ready. In the evening we started the motor and sailed off to Misool.


Our first day of diving already started spectacular. In Sagof and Wagmab we were lucky to encounter schooling Mobulas hunting together with giant trevallies silversides. Mild currents and clear visibilities offered an easy start into this trip.

schools of fish 2

After a nice quite night everybody got up with the sun and we started with Antichovey  our second day. Clear water and a fish soup over a stunning reef formation- what a nice start in a day. While breakfast we kept on moving south to Wayil Batan and started that area with one of my favorites- wedding cake. Barracuda Rock and our night dives showed us octopuses, moray eels, cuttle fish, turtle and pigmy seahorses.

cuttle fish

The next day, Four Kings overwhelmed our guests by its beauty- Lots of fish, turtle and 4 stunning pinnacles. Wow.  We continued the pretty cool with Dunia Kecil, and Potato Reef. The highlights of the day were… amazing coral, turtles, sharks and many pigmy seahorse and nudibranch.

whit tip sharks

Magic Mountain gave us 3 wobbegong sharks, 2 walking sharks, a fish soup and stunning visibility. Boo Window as the third dive with the stunning corals, sharks, and pigmy seahorses. For the night dive we had walking sharks, big cuttlefish, pigmy squids, big squids, hawksbill turtles and other usual night suspects.

wobbegong high res

The next morning, we started at Boo West in a mild current and sharks, turtles, crocodile fish, solar powered nudibranch and fish and coral soup. The night divers discovered the creatures of the night at Yellit Kecil.


Our last day in the south of Raja Ampat started with schooling barracuda, jacks, bumphead parrotfish and many nudibranchs at Yellit Kecil. During breakfast we moved to Daram, and we dove Andiamo and living color with perfect light and current. Everyone spread out a bit and we discovered the biggest giant grouper ever. After the third dive, we started moving up north to Penemu.

bumpheads raja ampat71

After 15 hours crossing we jumped into the cooler water of Melissa’s Garden. The guests were quite surprised how different the north is. Rainbow Wall and Ruva’s Island gave us a great view on healthy hard coral reefs.

ealthy hard coral reefs

On our last full day of diving, we went to Manta Sandy and were absolutely lucky! 3 Mantas showed up! We also saw sea moth and pigmy seahorse. The afternoon and night dive on Aerborek Jetty showed us interesting creatures like harlequin shrimp and blue ring octopus.

mantas in raja ampat 02

For the grand finale we picked Blue Magic and Cape Kri. Oceanic manta, wobbegong sharks, schooling jacks and much more let the eyes of the guest shinning and the faces smiling.


What an incredible trip! Thank you guys for sharing this experience with us! We hope to see you soon!

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