Douglas Hoffman in Fiji

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Douglas Hoffman in Fiji

Fiji Siren – Beyond the Bligh, 2 – 12 October 2016

Douglas will return to Siren Fleet and accompany guests on board for a 10-night trip to Fiji, being on hand to give advice on the differing techniques that will be used throughout any dive trip. His presentations are delivered in such a way as to be appropriate for macro, wide-angle, compact and SLR photography. As an artist, Douglas believes much of the success with photography is related to envisaging the image prior to the dive to ensure you achieve the style of photo you were looking for and will spend time with guests to achieve these results. He will also accompany divers, giving assistance with composition and framing underwater.

After dives Douglas will sit with guests to review their photos, giving suggestions for improvement. This can be done individually or by making use of the plasma screen in the S/Y Fiji Siren’s lounge.

Each evening a round-table discussion is held for guests to focus on the issues that they may be experiencing during the dives. Guests are encouraged to voice their comments whether positive or negative to enable others to learn from the general knowledge and experience of the group.


During the afternoon, typically after the third day dive, a presentation will be given on the following subjects:-

Douglas Hoffman 2016 01 – Visualising your Image

  • Choosing a subject
  • Lines of Repetition
  • Repetition of Design
  • Vertical Lines
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Foreground, Mid-Ground and Background
  • Creating an Impact

 – Lighting

  • Use of strobes – manual power
  • Creating depth and dimension through lighting techniques
  • Lighting ratios
  • Exposure Compensation

 – Camera Limitations

 – The Importance of Diver Buoyancy

Douglas Hoffman 2016 02About Douglas Hoffman

Douglas is a Master Photographer with over 10,000 hours underwater and has received numerous international awards, been published in books & magazines, exhibited in Museums and art galleries. Douglas started Art for Conservation as way to generate funds and social awareness for environmental and ocean causes, with particular focus on whales and sharks. Currently his shark images are used in the Roots & Chutes educational program developed by Dr. Jane Goodall to educate children about the ocean and end the need to eat shark fin soup. In 2012, he was interviewed in a TV program called X Factor for his conservation efforts and he continues to work closely with Humane Society International for reef protection and preservation. Beginning by leading his first trip in Indonesia in 1993, Douglas now brings groups to Asia and the Pacific at least 3 times per year, his specialties being whales in Tonga and coral reefs in Fiji. He has joined together with the Siren Fleet to share with our guests his technical photographic knowledge and understanding of Fijian reefs.


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