Encountering whales in Raja Ampat!

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The Indo Siren welcomed on board a group of 16 guests of mixed nationalities for their next liveaboard diving cruise in Raja Ampat! After a quick orientation, the captain moved north to Dampier Strait.

First day of diving we started in Mioskon with crystal clear water and literally a fish soup of, fusiliers, yellow snappers, wobbegong sharks,  pigmy seahorses in great visibilities and outstanding coral reefs.

Next on the diving schedule was Blue Magic, Arborek and Yageffo. It was a good show with schools of various different fishes. Life was rich!! Everybody said they just had one of the best dives in their life. We encountered so many fish species like wobbegong shark, barracudas, schooling bat fish,  black and white tip reef sharks as well as the cute little pigmy seahorses.

diving komodo

For our last day in central of Raja Ampat, we showed our guests the area of Penemu. What an amazing day! We explored Rainbow wall, Ruva’s Island and Melissa’s Garden.  We had wobbegong sharks, turtles, black tip reef sharks , pontohi, denise and bargabanthi pigmy seahorses and lots more.  After breakfast, we toke the dinghy to cruise through the lagoons of Penemu including the walk up the hill to look over the Bintang lagoon. After the third dive we started our long journey to Misool area

After a very smooth crossing with star gazing at night, we woke up in the morning in Misool area. On the 2 first dives, we had many types of silverside chased by trevallies which created a lot of action and sometimes we could not see each other because of all the fish around us! For the third dive we arrived in Kalig where we dived Potato Reef and Kalig bay. A mobula, ordinate ghost pipe fishes, cuttlefish and many pigmy seahorses were spotted.
We awoke to another picturesque Raja Ampat morning, surrounded by small green islands and beautiful clear water. Our first dive of the day was highlighted by massive gorgonian fans and stunning soft coral. Dives at Nudi Rock, and Whale Rock were definitely crowd pleasers with many happy photographers coming out of the water. During our surface intervals, while cruising from one site to the next, we were accompanied by minke whales, dolphins and a whale shark even a made a brief appearance! We finished the evening with a spooky night dive along the wall at Yellit Besar where our divers were treated with hunting reef octopus, shy squid, and a microscopic sea spider! Another successful day onboard the S/Y Indo Siren!
Next morning was time for Manta action…. We dived Karang Bayangan 2 times and it was just Wow! 3 oceanic Mantas gave us an incredible show accompanied with sharks, schooling fish and an amazing reef top. To finish the day we dived Boo Window and Yellit Kecil in their best conditions.

dive raja ampat

On our way back to the North of Raja Ampat, we dived Yellit Kecil with schooling barracudas and a hairy octopus was the start for that day. For the grand final of this liveaboard dive trip in Raja Ampat, we dived Blue Magic which as a real fish soup!
Thank you everybody for this great week! We hope to see you soon!

Authors: Evan Moriarty and Kaeun Cho (Ken)

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