Epic dives in Raja Ampat!

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The Indo Siren once again is ready to dive in Raja Ampat, this time with an international group of divers.  After a quick orientation our guests could already start relaxing. In the evening we started the engine and moved all the way to Misool area.


Our first day of diving started in the Daram area with its dives sites Candy Store,  Andiamo and Living Colors, all our photographers were happy filling their memory cards with pictures of schooling fusiliers, bumphead parrotfish, trevallies, barracudas and amazing corals.  After the afternoon dive we headed further west towards Misool and arrived in Wayil Batan after a beautiful sunset on the way.

jacks in raja ampat

After a good night sleep we woke up very close to our first dive site for the day, Dunia Kecil. This picturesque little island is surrounded by a small coral plateau and offers large gorgonian fans and bushes of black coral. Sighting here included denise pygmy seahorse, schooling trevally and fusiliers, sea spiders and nembrotha nudibranches. Wedding Cake and Barracuda Rock showed us amazing reef formations with thousands of silversides and rainbow runners hunting. Schooling jacks, crocodile fish and a yellow leaf scorpion fish are some of the high lights.
For the night, we headed back to Barracuda Rock and everybody came back smiling after seeing pigmy cuttle fish, crocodile fish and other creatures of the night.

crocodile fish

The next morning, we started with a stunning drift dive trough Gorgonian Passage. Wow! Huge gorgonians and many many fish and nudibranchs. Keep on going more east to Fiabacet. All the three dive here outstanding with awesome reefs, moray eels, black and white tip sharks, turtles and lots more. For the night dive we made to groups one for UV lights. So this night some of our guests could see the reef glowing in many awesome colours.

fish in raja ampat 

We started a bit later today to be in time on one the best sites around here, Magic Mountain. A medium to strong current attracted a large amount of fish including grey reef and white tip reef shark; however the main attraction was a huge oceanic manta that got cleaned at the edge of the reef. After big breakfast straight back into the water and one more time- that time we counted minimum 8 oceanic Mantas and in both dive a lazy sleeping wobbegong. Third dive a bit more relaxed on Boo Windows with mobulas, golden trevally, black tip shark and much more.
4 of our guests still had energy for a night dive and went to Yellit Besar to explore the night creatures.

mantas raja ampat

Next day in Fiabacet we could encounter more pigmy seahorse, many different nudibranch like banana and different nembrothas, hugh schools of barracudas, jacks and trevally’s. Of course all these fish are on stunning reefs with gorgonians and soft corals.
Again 4 divers explored the night and were pleased with cuttlefish, squids and decorator crabs. But I also motived a few to go night snorkeling with me and Vola… we had 2 epaulette sharks playing with each other.

nudibranchs in raja ampat

The next morning, we started to go north.  Stopped in Antichovey and Sagof. First and second dive just ended in a fish soup. Wow! The third dive I would call the feast… more than 20 Mobulas, giant trevally’s were feeding on silverside fish. Stunning 60 min of adrenaline and no idea where to look first.  What a final for the south. After that everyone was chatting and relaxing enjoying a beautiful sunset on the way north.

mantas in raja ampat

Our first stop in the north is Painemo which is in the Fam Island group. With the rising sun and calm water we arrived at Melissa’s Garden where we could dive on a beautiful hard coral garden in combination with wobbegong sharks and lots of fish. For the second dive we visited Rainbow Wall. Beautiful drift dive with white tip sharks and stunning soft corals. Today we replace the night dive with a  lagoon tour with the view point and sunset on the beach. It was just incredible!

lazy sleeping wobbegong

Already our last day of diving and we started with Citrus Ridge and some of our guests dived the Mangroves. We encountered wobbegong sharks, schooling barracudas and jacks. The afternoon and night dive was reserved for the jetty at Aerborek. What a treat, we spotted pigmy cuttlefish, reef top pipe fishes, crocodile fish, harlequin shrimp and giant clams. Nearly everybody went for the night dive at the jetty and big smiles all around when the divers returned.  While we had dinner we enjoyed a couple of photos of this week.

fish2 in raja ampat

For the grand finale, we left Mioskon and Cape Kri. So we finished our week with fish soup over stunning coral gardens with medium currents. Now it is time to head back to Sorong. In the late afternoon, we did our traditional group and crew pictures with a cocktail on the sun deck and celebrated Fendi’s birthday- sweet 21.

sunset in raja ampat

Thanks to everyone for this amazing trip.

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