First Rani’s trip on board Fiji Siren

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First Rani’s trip on board Fiji Siren

The Fiji Siren welcomes on board this week Mr. Rani Veitch from New Zealand who is training with Jon as the new Cruise Director for our next 3 trips. After 12 months on board the Siren, Jon has decided to move on to a new adventure. We welcomed our 9 guests on board from U.S., Australia and New Zealand. With a relaxed cabin check in, boat, safety and dive briefings complete as well as the initial emergency life jacket drill complete everyone settled in getting cameras ready and sorting their gear for the next days of diving. Andrew our chef introduced the guests to his culinary skills with his ‘Indonesia’ themed dinner night, and received rave reviews from everyone. As many of the guests had been diving from Volivoli Beach Resort for the past few days, Jon and Julian, our skipper, decided to head for different dive sites in the Bligh Water kicking off the diving at Human Nature.

IMG 3674First stop, Namena. The group on board was terrific as games were played, movies watched, jokes told and shared and late afternoon cocktails were imbibed. Everyone had a good day. The guests were awake early so Jon briefed the dives and group one was headed out to Neds Nuts and Black Forest. The excitement was high as the divers wanted to drop in and get wet – to experience the underwater world of the Namena Marine Reserve. “That was the best dive I’ve ever done!” said one of our guests. This is a usual reaction to the diving in the Namena Marine Reserve. The third dive was North Save A Tack Passage – bringing with it large schools of pelagics, sharks, etc. etc. It was a great end to the daytime diving for the group.

fiji3This group was all assembled again and ready for the dive briefing the following morning – Jon was thinking what a great group this was. 6 more dives in the Reserve provided awesome diving for this fun group and we finally lifted anchor to head towards Wakaya for a full day of diving on this choice reef system. We arrived early enough to get in a sunset / dusk dive at Lions Den before our Italian themed dinner which the guests thoroughly enjoyed.
Of the 3 daytime dive at Wakaya, the divers were treated to a few Manta Sightings on all dives, and on the 3rd dive of the day the Great Hammerhead finally made appearance. With Andrew’s Carvery night for dinner (Roast Pork, lamb and chicken) and the Fiji Siren house band (recently named the Rubber-Band) serenading throughout dinner the night was a huge success.

by-Kit-NgThe sun was rising over E-6 and the sky was nearly cloudless for the group’s final 2 dives in the Bligh Waters. Our slow sail back to Volivoli on a hot day was relaxing and fun at the same time. Everyone’s gear rinsed, and drying, luggage being packed, guests tanning on the sun deck, more rounds of Rummykub played – once again the talk turned of not wanting to go home, and ‘when can we return to the Fiji Siren’. With group photos taken two days earlier on a beautiful day with the back drop being the coconut palms on Wakaya Islands Beach, the last morning was lazy, with just last minute packing, breakfast, and the beautiful farewell song ‘Isa Lei’ played for the guests by the crew. Guests waving goodbye as the headed to the beach in the tender, and the crew waving good bye back to them from the Siren as thoughts turned to turning the boat around to welcome our guests on board the following day for the next journey aboard the Fiji Siren.

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