Schooling Sharks in Fiji

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fiji3Schooling Sharks in Fiji

When our guests boarded the Fiji Siren for this trip it was great to be able to welcome back 12 veteran Siren Divers but also some new faces. With our check out dive complete we got underway to Vatu-I-Ra in the Bligh Waters of Fiji for our first full diving day. But the Fijian skies opened up and despite the fantastic dives being had Capt. Julian made the decision to get ahead of the approaching poor weather so we could make it to the Namena Reserve for the awesome diving we knew we would have there…it was a great decision as though the skies were overcast the sea was calm and for our first dive the reef fish were in abundance and the soft corals were blooming. One of our divers from Germany came back saying it was ‘The best dive of her life’- now that’s a great comment to start off the day! Dives two and three were done at one of our favorites – Grand Central Station, with continued overcast skies, calm winds and occasional tropical downpours of rain! Sharks, schooling pelagics and scorpion leaf fish were all seen and the guests loved them.

dancingWe started our third full day of diving at Namena on South Save A Tack Passage with some pinnacle and soft coral dives before moving to the outside wall– some of the guests were not in favor of the current and surge, but just as many were very happy with it as it provided schooling barracuda whilst on the wall we found tons of small critters. We pulled anchor and headed south for our visit to Makogai Island Village where the guests participated in the Sevusevu welcome, watched the island kids dance a Meke, and drank some of the local grog (Kava!). Also a tour of the village was given to the guests who got to view the Giant Clam and Turtle Farms on the island.

At 3 am we pulled anchor and steamed south to Wakaya Island – our local spot for Manta and Hammerhead sightings. The diving day was good though only a single spotting of a hammerhead shark by 2 of the divers, we hit the jackpot on the manta rays. Ju with Ralph and Antje came back with a story of a 4 to 5 meter Oceanic Manta!!! Very cool. Meanwhile Ralph completed his 5th and final dive to earn his PADI Advanced Open Water Certification, so congratulations go out to him. After our night dive – which all 7 of the divers just loved (another best dive of the trip!) we sailed south to our overnight anchorage.

Fiji trip 6 group picThe morning in Gau was overcast with calm winds prior to dive time, as the dive time approached the wind picked up but the spirit of the divers was not dampened and Nigali Passage most certainly did not disappoint. Schools of Trevally, Barracudas, Grey Reef Sharks, a few White Tip Reef Sharks and even a Bull Shark or two! Wow – we really had two awesome dives in the passages with the sharks numbering over 40 or 50! It was a great diving day and a big meal was hungrily enjoyed by all as the Fiji Siren made her way back northwards.

At Vatu-I-Ra we dived at E-6 for 3 dives as we were enjoying it so much. We are able to moor directly over the site so the dive style changes up with guests making their “giant stride” entry from the platform. The as we cruised back to Rakiraki we lifted the sails for photo opportunities and tucked in to our final night Bar-B-Que. The following morning there just time enough for group photos, hugs and smiles as we said Moce Mada to this fun group and wished them safe journeys.

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