Fun and great dives on board the Fiji Siren!

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 Fun and great dives on board the Fiji Siren!

The Fiji Siren was back out again into the Lomotivi going “Beyond the Bligh”. Her crew welcomed her happy guests who were from the USA, Italy and Hong Kong. All were ready for the ride on this seven day tour around northern Fiji. The start of this trip went a little different than most with one of our guests unfortunately missing her plane and having to get a later one. To keep everyone happy we made tracks for Vatu-I-Ra to keep the boat in a nice distance for her to catch one of the Volivoli boats, “The Bligh Express”, all the way to us in time for the second dive of the trip. We moved for Makogai after the third dive

mantaAlmost everybody was up and about for the sunrise and ready to get into the water at 730am for the first dive to Pinball. We also dove Half Pipe and Dominoes while at Makogai. We saw some white-tips, a mantis shrimp, an electric file clam and many many nudibranchs. Later in the afternoon, it was time to look at going ashore to the village. The group put the votes in early making Jeff the Ratu before he could even shout against it. Upon hearing the call of the shell horn from the island it was time to go to land to take part in some local traditions and drink plenty of Kava.

DSC 2340When everyone was back on the boat we headed straight for the Marine Park of Namena which was only a four hour trip. Getting right into the deep end we kicked off with dives to North Save-A-Tack with the first being Grand Central Station and the Big Arch. While travelling the wall in the deep we made a slight stop on the top to check out a pygmy sea horse then continued on the Big Arch for the mantis shrimp and huge archway. School House was the second dive with a few schools of bannerfish and trevally and then the beautiful shallow reef with soft corals and lots of Palette Surgeon fish (Dori from Nemo). The afternoon was filled in with a stop off to Chimneys here we found a small black and gold sapsucking slug, lots of pipefish (one we hadn’t seen in this area before) and a ton of nudibranchs. The dive finished off at a landscape of soft coral filled with anemone fish in as little as 4m. For the night dive we headed out to a site named Nemo where we found a halimeda ghost pipe fish, lots of crabs and some more pygmy sea horse. Day two of Namena had us at Black forest with the blue ribbon eel, black tip reef shark and soft coral garden to finish. We then went and checked out Grand Central again this time starting on the Arch and finishing at Kansas with the two Leaf fish that call this place home. The last day dive was to the same area and this time had big schools of trevally and barracuda and lots of reef sharks circling by. This had Jim with his GoPro siting on the sand videoing the whole spectacle for 15minutes. Without even realizing it we had come to the last day at Namena! We had to finish things off here on a great note so we checked out Neds Nuts, South Save-A-Tack Wall and then as a treat we dropped into the North again to say Farewell.

Fun and great dives on board the Fiji SirenAll we had left of the trip now was three dives. The last two were held back out in the Bligh waters near Vatu-I-Ra. With the weather being so good we decided that E-6 was the place to be for both dives. The sun shone straight through the cracks in the reef to bring some magnificent colour flooding through the cathedral making for a very picturesque landscape. We then had a very slow sail back to the mainland to anchor up outside Volivoli Beach Resort around sunset for everyone to view upon the sun setting behind the mountain while we had a couple of drinks and the farewell BBQ.

I would like to thank all of our guests for coming aboard and even more so making this so much fun. Jim, I can honestly say I don’t think I have met anybody who can bring so much joy to everyone around them. You have a real gift my friend and I hope that always stays with you. Vinaka Vake Levu from the whole crew here aboard the S/Y Fiji Siren.

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