Great diving in Fiji! Mantas and pygmy sea horses!

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Great diving in Fiji! Mantas and pygmy sea horses!

The Fiji Siren was happy to welcomed on board a group of Germans all ready and excited to dive Fiji! We had everyone on board all briefings done and everyone unpacked and ready by the time dinner was ready.
We had a gently night aboard before heading out to the Bligh Waters for the first dives of our 10 day trip around the Lomoviti. We started off with easing everyone into Mellow Yellow and Maytag before finishing the day at Coral Corner where we had grey reef sharks, white tips, an odd sighting of a black tip and a small turtle. We finished the day off early and departed for the next destination of our trip, Makogai.

Black and Gold Sapsucking Slug,nudibranchs,diving in Taveuni, best dive in fiji,liveaboard diving in fijiWe did great dives at Half Pipe, Pinball and Dominoes. We saw a few white tips, an electric file clam and lots of nudibranchs. They were some nice easy dives with very little current. From here we moved on to Wakaya where the night dive would have been and the following days diving would take place. Taveuni was next on our schedule!

We had two great dives in Wakaya at Lion’s Den and Vatu Vai. We had a couple of grey reef sharks come in close. We had some leaf scorpion fish sitting on some corals. And even a couple of pipe fish. We had three days in Taveuni and we started off with a dive on Rainbow’s End with all its colourful soft corals and fish life. Being that it was full moon we had some good currents ripping through the Somosomo straight. During one surface interval on day two in Taveuni we were even lucky enough to spot 5 mantas feeding about 40m off the side of the boat. For those game enough to swim in the current we let them take the plunge and head on over to the mantas for a little bit of snorkeling.

colourful-soft-coralsWe got out for our first dive to Fish Factory then to Jerrys Jellies finished up with a rare spot known as Midwest. We do not normally get out to this spot as it is further away but as we would be travelling past and the tides were good we thought we would have a go. All of these lived up to Taveuni’s expectation with all being covered in sea whips, soft coral branches and many different types of hard coral. Here we would be spending the afternoon traveling to Namena our last island destination of the trip.

We dad 8 dives planned around the marine reserve so we aimed to use the best sites with dives being had at North save-a-tack, and even a few down at the southern side. We first jumped into Grand Central station which is in the north to check out the pygmy sea horse and golden mantis shrimp around arches followed by dives to Neds Nuts and Black Forest. The dives later in the day had us looking at leaf fish, Blue ribbon eels a few grey reef sharks and of course plenty of that soft coral that Fiji is famous for. We were even lucky enough for one of our guides to finds a small pygmy sea horse on one of the sea fans at Neds Nuts. To finish off the day we tried out Nemo for the night dive with only a couple of people going out. This sight always has plenty of small critters to look at and Jo even took out his home made blue filters for his torch to see if he could capture some different shots with his yellow lens.

pygmy-sea-horseThe second last day of diving was soon upon us and as such we had to make the most of diving so we had another four dives here. First up we headed back to North save-a-tack for another shot at getting the pygmies close up and then onward to south save a tack wall for which we would encounter ghost pipe fish, scorpion fish and moray eels. Chimneys would finish the day dives for the day with a very rare Black and gold sapsucking slug being found on some sea grass. Namena beach wreck would be the night dive for the evening with Jo once again taking out his blue filter and coming back with some nice shots of the underwater world. Everyone was in bed by 8:30 this night as we would be making our way back to Vatu-I-Ra early the next morning

The first Dive was at E-6 with its 1000m walls and spectacular rock structure. At the entrance to one of the swim throughs we found a very small ghost pipe fish hiding beside a big sea fan. The second dive was at Mount Mutiny which as the same 1000m walls but with its rainbow soft coral wall and for the first time that trip a single hammerhead swimming passed. This was Heinz’ first ever sighting of one!

Divers-on-fiji-aboardFor the last time the Kava bowl came out and there was kava to be had by everyone whether they liked it or cringed after every bowl. The kava put everyone to sleep quite well with no one wanting to get up to finish packing. Sadly at 10am it was time to wave goodbye even though most would be in the resort for a few more days. It was fantastic meeting you all and I hope to meet you all again in the near future.

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