Great macro and whale sharks at Southern Visayas

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Great macro and whale sharks at Southern Visayas

Philippine Siren and her crew were once again happy to welcome on board a new group of happy international divers, among them Nat and her husband, one of WWDAS accounting staff as well as a couple who won this trip on a dive show. Congratulations, guys!

IMG 2301Once everybody was onboard, we started our cruise towards Cabilao where we dove, Talisay Tree, Gorgonian Wall and Lighthouse. Nice dives with beautiful scenery of gorgonians, seafans and anemonies. The nightdive was in Cambaquiz were we found Ornate Ghost Pipefish and Cockatoo Waspfish. Next on the schedule was Balicasag were we did our 4 dives that day : Black Forest, Diver’s Heaven and Cathedral where we found several frogfish and nudibranches.

IMG 2241Then it was time for some muck diving at Dauin. Our friendly divers had the opportunity to see a whole scenario of critters such as a dozen Seahorses, Ghost Pipe Fish, Flambayant Cuttlefish, Two Ringed Octopus, Frogfish etc etc. On top of it, when we dove Mainit, a whale shark showed up! At Apo Island, we dove Rocky Point where it was fun to see those beautiful hard coral gardens. Then in Cogon we found a huge stonefish! Coconut point was also great, sea snakes and nudibranch were there for us to take pictures.

We cruised towards Moalboal where we made our first two dives in Pescador Island: amazing scenary and huge grey frogfish and ornate ghost pipe fish. Then in the Sanctuary we enjoyed the stunning hardcorals and marine life. On the next day, first dive was on Stewarts Point where we joined again the amazing hard coral gardens, second dive we dove a Sunken Airplane and played around the plane and found also some beautiful nudibranches. The third dive was in Ronda Bay where once again we enjoyed the amazing coral gardens.
At Oslob, everybody was excited to snorkel with whale sharks. It is always a big adventure to see those giants that close. Coming towards you with their mouth wide open and swallow big amounts of water to get their food.

IMG 2295Then Panglao was our next stop. We dove Doljo and Momo, dive sites with big plateaus and walls where we had the opportunity to see Pajama Cardinal fish among other great critters. For our last day of diving, we chose Olango. Thank you guys for this amazing trip, it was fun to have you on board! Hope you see you soon!

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