Great trip on board the Fiji Siren Liveaboard with an amazing group of divers!

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Great trip on board the Fiji Siren Liveaboard with an amazing group of divers!

A big welcome to all of the new guests of the Fiji Siren Liveaboard! We had a quite varied group of individuals from all over the world! China, United States, Germany, Austria, Australia and even a past crew member from one of the other boats in the fleet!
There were some great dives to the Amazing Maze and the wreck of the Ovalau II on the first day out at Nananu-I-Ra. We dove Neptune’s Rhapsody, Golden Crown and Latta’s Home for day two. Golden Crown featured nice golden soft corals littering the edges of the bommie and Neptune’s having more small schooling fish and more varied colour.

IMG 4480We started heading to the Bligh Waters. The first dive of the day was just before lunch being at Mellow Yellow and Black Magic Mountain. As soon as all divers were on board, we made the move to Noel’s Reef for the anchorage and then moving on to Namena early the next morning for one day. To get this diving show back on the right path we had the boat anchor at the Fantasea Passage where we dove a few of the outer walls and then Fantasea Passage itself. The nice shallow passage was home to many, many, different colours of corals and tons of smaller fish. As a night dive before leaving Namena we decided on Chimneys.

White WallTo continue our journey, we lifted the anchor straight away and moved on to Taveuni where we would be spending a couple of days in the Somosomo straight and the Rainbow Reef. As luck would have it the timing for diving the Great White Wall was perfect and allowed us to dive at the normal time of 730am. This very rarely happens where the tide aligns perfectly. Usually we have to adjust the schedule to fit the tidal times. After the White Wall , we dropped into Barracuda Point and Jerry’s Jelly’s. Being the International Date Line was close by. We grabbed everyone off the boat and went for a quick walk up the hill to look at the sign and take a few photos.

barracudaThe next day in Taveuni was a nice easy one with dives to Port Luck and Fish Factory and even a night dive out to Nuku Reef! From here it was back to Namena and hopefully some great diving. We entered into School House and got everything we could ask for. In the distance there was a school of hammerheads. A few divers got a view of a couple of solitary ones that came in close along with some nice schools of Jack and trevally. We then dived into The Arch and Kansas.

reef sharks 02Upon waking and moving the Fiji Siren out to the dive sites we came across a family of Humpbacks whales which one group of divers went to look at before heading out to the dive site. This last day in Namena had us diving around Neds and Black Forest and also one drop into Grand Central Station where we had a few Golden Mantis Shrimp and Sharks which made for a good dive.

On the last day we had come all the way back to Vatu-I-Ra and got to dive the site of E-6. As the afternoon dragged out, we had divers sprawled all over the place. In a right place at the right time Caroline and I were treated to a school of 30 dolphins jumping all over the bow. By the time I rounded up a few more people, the dolphins had become shy and disappeared.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who was on this cruise with us. You were fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for better people to spend this time with us. Also the introduction to the game of Spoons will have the crew forever laughing! Vinaka Vake Levu!!!!

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